Active IQ joins with fibodo to keep the fitness industry moving

Active IQ, one of the UK’s leading awarding organisations for the active leisure, learning and wellbeing sector, has partnered with fit4thefight, an initiative created to help fitness professionals continue offering their services during the current COVID-19 lockdown

Using this system, fitpros and PTs can offer their expertise and keep earning during the lockdown while consumers can enjoy bespoke, one-to-one training plans to keep motivation and fitness levels high. Three options are recommended:

  • A 20-minute one-to-one session for £10
  • A 40-minute one-to-one session for £20
  • A 40-minute group session for up to six people for £5 per participant

fit4thefight allows professionals to continue working while social distancing measures are in place. fibodo has removed its usual £9.99 monthly subscription fee, until August to allow full and part-time trainers to continue providing their invaluable coaching online, via apps and video conferencing. From the remaining payment processing fee, fibodo will donate 50% of the net proceeds to charities that help those most affected by this crisis.

Active IQ is working with its learning centres and PT graduates to grow awareness of fit4thefight in digital and social channels. It has also included fit4thefight in its online Skills Hub resource that brings CPD options to fitness professionals. Usually only accessible to Active IQ centres and students, Skills Hub has been opened up to all fitness professionals to help them expand their skills and knowledge during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anthony Franklin, founder and CEO of fibodo, commented: “It’s great to have Active IQ on board, as a major influencer of fitness learning centres, and fitness professionals, it will have access to thousands of individuals who need support at this time. fibodo and fit4thefight aims to help trainers to continue operating as close to normal as possible, bringing major health benefits to those who train regularly. Professionals must keep working to keep the industry and the wider economy on its feet. We aim to equip and empower as many people as possible to stay home and stay active.”

Jenny Patrickson, managing director at Active IQ said. “Although there are several online solutions available, many are not able to provide the kind of tailored approach delivered by a qualified personal trainer – one that meets the needs of the individual taking their abilities and health conditions into account.

“This partnership will help qualified and talented professionals to continue to earn an income, and make sure that the public has access to skilled trainers in a safe environment.”

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