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Active Nation Invests In FitTech To Drive Supporter Engagement

As part of its drive to inspire  a much wider segment of the community to be physically active, Active Nation has agreed a 5-year partnership with leading connected gym floor provider, EGYM. Kicking off the partnership, Active Nation Yarborough in Lincoln has installed a Smart Strength Series circuit and Fitness Hub to support trainers in the delivery of an intuitive and highly personal experience for everyone.


Stuart Martin, Managing Director, Active Nation, says: “ukactive has set a target for the sector to be engaging 5 million more people in our gyms and leisure centres by 2030. At Active Nation, we are totally bought into supporting this ambition, since it aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire the nation to improve their health and well-being. To achieve this, we are exploring new ways to engage beyond the 20 per cent of people who naturally enjoy exercise.


“It is a sad fact that, the people who could most benefit from physical activity, such as older adults, people with long term health conditions and those who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, are currently under-represented in clubs and leisure centres across the country. As a sector, we need to find new ways to break down barriers that prevent them from engaging with our services to level up the inequalities that currently exist.


“This is why we have invested in this new partnership with EGYM. Through the integration of Fitness Hub – EGYM’s central onboarding and performance monitoring innovation and its automated, intelligent Smart Strength Series, every member, or Supporter as we like to call them, experiences a highly personalised fitness and well-being journey based on their own, personal goals and biometrics. Regular, automated, non-intrusive performance measures are also prompted to track progress and keep individuals informed of how the time invested is delivering a return.


“EGYM data shows, on average, even after a 12-month period, EGYM users are still working out 4.6 times per week. Data shared by Dr Paul Bedford at the recent ukactive Active Uprising event proves anyone visiting 4 or more times a month is almost twice as likely to remain engaged than those visiting less than 4 times per month. So, not only does EGYM enable us to engage new demographics it also encourages long term engagement. This is obviously good for the health of the individual but also has a significant positive impact on our bottom line.”


EGYM officially launched at Active Nation Yarborough on August 5, following two days of in-person trainer education. Over the next few weeks, all current members will be offered EGYM inductions and EGYM will play an integral part in acquisition marketing going forwards. Assuming the integration in Yarborough goes well, Active Nation will roll out the EGYM Fitness Hub and Smart Strength Series to other venues over the next five years.


Speaking of the partnership, Tanya Hall, UK Tender and Partnership Manager, EGYM UK, says: “This partnership is exciting. Our mission is to create a connected gym that works for everyone. This aligns perfectly to Active Nation’s ambition to level up disparities and encourage a more representative proportion of the population into the gym. All being well, this initial install will open the door to a roll-out that will see many communities benefit from our pioneering technology.”


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