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Johnson Health Tech Co., is delighted to announce its premium commercial brand Matrix
Fitness has been officially appointed as a Global Supplier to the Anytime Fitness club chain.
Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing gym franchise in the world, averaging 300 new gyms
per year while serving 4.2 million members at more than 4,900 gyms and is the only
franchise of any kind to have locations on all seven continents.

Matrix Fitness has been at the forefront of gym equipment innovation and design for over
20 years, delivering the highest quality products, solutions and customer service.
With 5 factories and 36 wholly owned subsidiaries, Matrix Fitness can lower the total cost of
ownership and can guarantee a best-in-class first-time fix rate.

The team are passionate about delivering a world class service at every level. With a wealth
of experience and unmatched customer service, they can provide a premium service across
equipment layouts, ordering, delivery and installation, service and warranty, and everything
in between!

This partnership comes after a successful trial in August 2020, when Matrix Fitness was
appointed as an official Approved Vendor for Anytime Fitness clubs in the Benelux regions.
Following its success, the territory was expanded to cover Mexico in 2021.
In March 2022, Matrix Fitness was awarded a Global Supply Agreement covering all Anytime
Fitness territories across the world, including the home markets of the US and Canada.
To date, Matrix Fitness have already completed 26 installations across Mexico and Benelux
and are now working on projects in the USA, Canada, Morocco, South Africa, Spain,
Indonesia, Vietnam as well as starting some exciting new installations in Australia and New

Matrix Fitness have a dedicated team of professionals to look after the Anytime Fitness UK
account, led by Alex Perrior as the Key Account Manager. The UK is the 4 th biggest market
for Anytime Fitness and a key focus for Matrix Fitness as a new supplier will be to provide a
leading level of service to franchisees and members.

Neil Randall, CEO Anytime Fitness UK, adds: “We’re excited to welcome Matrix Fitness to
our UK supplier portfolio. Matrix’s introduction provides a greater choice for our franchisee
network when selecting equipment for their clubs as well as continuing to ensure a high-
quality member experience. Matrix Fitness are the perfect supplier partner to help us
achieve this and we look forward to working with them in the UK on an ongoing basis.”

This partnership provides an opportunity for both new and existing franchisees, regardless
of whether they are looking to source new equipment or add bolt-on options to an existing
offering. Due to the fact that Matrix Fitness produces its own goods, through its own
vertical manufacturing channel, results on lead times are much faster and equipment will
always be in stock in the UK market.

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