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The leading national event and the largest in Europe on the practice of high-intensity fitness is arriving in Rimini expo centre’s halls thanks to the agreement between Italian Exhibition Group and Chimera SSDRL. From 24th to 26th September, the sixth edition of the 3-day event recognized by CrossFit LLC is running simultaneously with the return of RiminiWellness.

Rimini (Italy), 1st July 2021 – Rimini’s summer will end to the rhythm of high-intensity fitness. Italian Exhibition Group and Chimera SSDRL announce the staging of the sixth edition of Italian Showdown® in the areas of IEG’s Rimini expo centre, simultaneously with RiminiWellness 2021.
Europe’s largest sports competition recognized and accredited by CrossFit® – addressing the large community of those practicing combined and functional workouts – will be held from 24th to 26th September simultaneously with the eagerly awaited return of the huge international IEG event dedicated to fitness, wellness, healthy nutrition, sport and movement.

With Italian Showdown® RiminiWellness opens the doors to a unique event on the world scenario, chosen  for the third consecutive year by CrossFit LLC as the Italian competition with a fitness philosophy hosted by over 14,000 independent certified facilities worldwide and approximately 700 in Italy alone. The 2021 appointment with Italian Showdown® marks the live return of the contest after the 2020 online edition, which involved over 1,500 athletes from 52 nations.

Italian Showdown® 2021 takes its place alongside the events offered by the key expo of positive energy on an international scale, the absolute reference point for buffs, sportsmen and women and business operators from the world of living well and keeping in shape, sharing with RiminiWellness the mission of promoting the inclusive and social values of sport and wellness in movement at global level.
The event, which is being held according to the new CrossFit® off-season format, is open to absolutely all those practicing fitness and sport at all levels, experience and physical capacity, with tests based on various combinations of athletic elements: weight-lifting and free-standing gymnastics, cardio and endurance, to put participants to the test as far as strength, speed and resistance are concerned. After a first day dedicated to the preliminary heats and the semi-finals of the day after, the conclusive day will feature the spectacular final challenge between the last five athletes still in the running.

Thanks to the cooperation of the partner Chimera SSDRL, the 15th edition of RiminiWellness will be enriched by moments dedicated to sports, educational and recreational activities for the CrossFit® public. In an area of approximately 400 square metres promoted by Xenios – the zone’s sponsor company -, a busy program of workouts and activity along with international certified trainers, featuring weightlifting gymnastic and endurance workshops dedicated to all fitness fans and spectators who want to show their skills in the discipline.

Contents that contribute to celebrating sport, fitness and health on the three-day event most eagerly awaited by the sector’s international community, the protagonist on the occasions for enjoyment for sportsmen and women in the FUN area and business matching in Pro.Fit, as well as in the specialized focuses of RiabiliTec, Pilates Junction, RiminiSteel and FoodWell Expo.

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Italian Showdown is a sports event accredited by CrossFit LLC, organized by Chimera SSDRL with the aim of promoting amateur (non-professional) sports activity, particularly regarding fitness, physical wellness and sound nutrition for an excellent life style. Since 2016, the Italian Showdown has grown to become one of the major sports celebrations of sport, fitness and health in Europe: up to 1,500 contestants of all ages and levels, from all over Italy and the rest of the world, participate live in the competition to put themselves to the test, each according to his or her experience and physical abilities. The challenges faced by the contestants are based on various combinations of elements of sports fitness: weightlifting, gymnastics and resistance. Alongside the competition, the Italian Showdown organizes a program of sports, educational and recreational activities, open to the public. Over 10,000 people visited the last live edition of the Italian Showdown, which reported a record of 15 million social contacts in the course of the 2019-20 season.

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