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#BEACTIVE DAY brings together millions across Europe to celebrate active lifestyles

#BEACTIVE DAY brings together millions across Europe to celebrate active lifestyles
Brussels, Belgium, 23rd September 2021

On Thursday 23rd September EuropeActive, together with its extended network of 26 national association partners organised the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign as the fitness and physical activity sector’s contribution to the European Week of Sport. In previous years the campaign has already proven to be a highly successful in underscoring the fun and importance of exercise and to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle. The campaign took place on the kick-off day of the European Week of Sport, supporting the clear message from the European Commission on the importance of promoting more active and healthier lifestyles to millions of people in Europe.

EuropeActive’s #BEACTIVE DAY partners have come together to provide thousands of free events and activities organised across Europe and beyond in different locations such as fitness and sport facilities, parks, high streets, schools, universities and workplaces. Participation was open to everyone, regardless of age, gender or socio-economic background, which underscored just how accesible and inclusive the fitness and physical activity sector is. In the past years the fitness sector has made the most significant single contribution to the growing success of the European Week of Sport.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel commented: “This is the seventh year that the Commission’s European Week of Sport campaign is inspiring millions of European to become more active with the #BEACTIVE message, and it is because of initiative like the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign that the campaign keeps growing and gaining momentum. The European fitness and physical activity sector is an essential partner for us in the promotion of active, healthy lifestyles for all European and therefore I want to congratulate everyone involved in the #BEACTIVE DAY and encourage them to keep promoting the #BEACTIVE message”. 

CEO Andreas Paulsen said: “I am delighted to see the positive impact #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is having across Europe and I want to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the campaign, especially our valued National Associations Partners and their members for putting together such fantastic events and activities to get Europeans moving again and to reconnect them with an active lifestyle. #BEACTIVE DAY truly demonstrated the resilience and resourcefulness of the European fitness and physical activity sector during these challenging times as well as the importance of physical activity for the health and wellbeing of all Europeans.” 

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