Boutique fitness concept, TRIB3, takes its community experience outside of the fitness studio

1 April 2020: Boutique fitness concept, TRIB3, is bringing its community ethos outside of the studio to support people across the nation amid the COVID-19 crisis, with the launch of a variety of initiatives.

Inspired by the way communities, globally, have come together in times of need, the fitness boutique has set up their #OneTRIB3 community group on Facebook which has attracted almost 300 members to date, as people come together to support those who need it most. The group is a hub for both TRIB3Rs and the wider community to get involved with outreach activities for those self-isolating who need support and to suggest causes that TRIB3 can get behind.

Members of the group can download TRIB3 Kindness Cards. Available to print at home, people can complete the card with their details in order to offer their time and support for those more vulnerable; whether that be picking up shopping, gathering urgent supplies or simply offering a friendly phone call.

To ensure that people stay fit and active from their homes, the fitness boutique is now offering free, live training sessions led by TRIB3’s coaches via its Instagram channel, @TRIB3UK, every day. The free sessions deliver full body workouts through proven High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training methods, alternating between periods of high and low-intensity exercises to keep your heart pumping, your muscles working and your body burning calories. Every workout features regressions and adaptions for the exercises featured, so that no matter your current fitness level, everybody can take part. TRIB3 at Home is available to everyone – whether current customers or new to the brand – to ensure TRIB3 can keep as many people as possible physically active from their homes.

Matteo Cerruti, Chief Experience Officer at TRIB3, commented: “During times like these, people need to be able to come together, and as community is at the heart of what we do, we want to extend our support to our TRIB3 family and anyone else who is trying to stay active during this difficult time. Our community group and our TRIB3 at Home workouts are for everyone, and we encourage you to get involved and share with others who might also benefit. We are strongest together.”

TRIB3 is a global collective of boutique workout studios, offering the ultimate group HIIT workout underpinned by digital and performance monitoring.

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