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Club Operator Member in the Spotlight: Basic Fit

Especially post-pandemic, we are seeing a rising awareness in society and government when it comes to health. Health and well-being are trending topics that need to be further explored and made accessible to the broad public. The benefits – both for our physical but also mental health, are undeniable.   
One-fifth of diseases are related to an unhealthy lifestyle and are therefore avoidable. People who exercise and play sports more are physically fitter. They are less likely to contract various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and new threats such as viruses. Regular exercise also contributes to faster rehabilitation after surgery or illness. Physical activity also promotes mental health and resilience and has a positive effect on social cohesion. Sports overall encourage a broader healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of life.  
As an industry, we have the responsibility to encourage and provide everyone with the right tools to educate themselves and pick up healthy habits, such as a consistent workout routine.   
Making sports accessible and giving people a wide range of options and the flexibility to work out wherever and whenever they want is our mission at Basic-Fit. We promote equality and inclusiveness, and our clubs are in all neighbourhoods of major cities and therefore have a wide reach across all age groups and profiles. We also have ladies-only clubs to make sports accessible to women. We reach broad target groups of 3,35 million members that reach their fitness goals into our 1,200 clubs across our Europe.    
Our ambition is to have 3,000 to 3,500 clubs in our network by 2030, giving people in 6 European countries the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle. For many people, our clubs are, not only a way to stay fit but also an important aspect of their social life. 
Beyond our club network, we are also offering various fitness solutions, like our app, that can be accessed from home, adding another layer of flexibility for our members.  We are also committed to bringing fitness even outside of our member group via our partners like the Cruyff Foundation, Sport2Be, or Sport dans la ville.  
The pandemic has increased the focus on fitness and the desire to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. We must continue to feel this urgency in promoting sports and a healthier lifestyle now. The fitness industry is part of the solution for a healthier society.