Cortex, leaders in exercise performance testing, have partnered with Wattbike to integrate Cortex machinery with the industry’s most advanced indoor smart bike, the Wattbike AtomX. This exclusive partnership makes enhanced, controllable and accurate exercise testing accessible to the medical, fitness, sport science and elite sport markets. 

Titus Remppel, Cortex International Product Specialist explains: “After successful initial tests and trials, we are proud to announce that the Wattbike AtomX can now be fully integrated with Cortex machinery to bring a world-first, affordable and controllable cycling ergometer to the market.

The Wattbike AtomX produces a solid power output which importantly, we can control. There are very few ergometers out there that can do this, and those others that can are extortionately expensive and not user-friendly. The Wattbike AtomX is the first to be able to offer us an innovative, smart option that is affordable and easy to use.” 

Historically, within cardiopulmonary, metabolic, performance and fitness testing, heart rate has been used as a clear indicator of cardiopulmonary health and for exercise prescription. However, heart rate is subject to various sudden changes and has a very high day-to-day variance. Therefore, power output is a much more solid parameter when testing. 

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET), involves testing the heart, muscles and lungs to their maximum capacity and analysing their functions. This is done by analysing gas exchange, so throughout the test on the Wattbike AtomX, the individual will be wearing a mask with a sensor attached to it that measures the volume of air produced. There is also a cable tube attached that allows the sampling of the gas exchange; exhaled and inhaled air.

“With any diagnostic test, you need the correct feedback of the power output and that’s why we are so impressed with the AtomX.” Remppel adds. “It provides us with so much more consistency and control than other cycling ergometers, and you can actually prove it was the correct power output.”

“Understanding power output is also essential for creating personalised training zones, as you need a certain amount of power output to achieve working on anaerobic or aerobic fitness levels.”

Cortex was the first to bring exercise testing to the general public without the need for really big equipment. The introduction of Cortex’s smaller, less-intimidating, portable machines sped up testing protocols and now people can get results within 30 minutes of testing, whereas in the past it could have taken days or weeks to analyse everything. 

Richard Baker, Wattbike MD adds: “In the current climate, being unfit and unhealthy has highlighted the increased risks that obese, overweight, and sedentary people are facing in terms of virus protection. The importance of testing levels of health and fitness will undoubtedly get even more attention as we move ahead and integrations like ours with Cortex will provide world-class, affordable options accessible to all.

There are many different applications for this level of testing, not just in the world of sport and fitness, but also in medical diagnostics, risk assessments, assessing rehabilitation progress and providing exercise prescription. We look forward to working with Cortex to evolve exercise performance testing and are excited to continue exploring further how this partnership can evolve.”

The Wattbike AtomX is compatible with every Cortex product, all you have to do is update the software of your Cortex machine which can be done for free.


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