Creative Ways Fitness Businesses Are Approaching Life with  COVID-19:

The fitness industry is in turmoil . Because of this now is the time for you to ACT.
So, how can we as business owners do this when we’ve limited our schedules or closed altogether? We’ll have to get creative. There are certain initiatives we can all take—from marketing campaigns to online classes—to stay engaged with customers and continue to bring in potential clients even if they can’t meet with us face-to-face.
Coronavirus may have closed our doors, but it doesn’t mean our businesses have to close. With the help of our fellow fitness businesses, we’ve compiled a variety of ways to keep our members connected and revenue coming in.
  1. Keeping your client’a  active with livestreaming classes. Offer classes live, and if you’re a personal trainer, you can do one-on-one or small group training on a conference call or FaceTime.

  2. Offer on-demand workouts for clients to watch (and re-watch). If you prefer a more polished look, pre-record workouts to share with your members. That way they can sweat with you from home whenever their schedule allows it.
  3. Create workouts just for kids. With kids home from school, parents everywhere are feeling a little bit stressed. Whether you livestream, record on-demand, or simply share a printable workout, both parents and children will appreciate movements that can be done together or specifically with kiddos in mind. Make it into a game use your imagination and get those kids engaged. It’s a great way to burn that extra energy.
  4. Network and cross-promote with your neighbors. All our small businesses are feeling the pinch, so talking with one other and sharing ideas will help the entire community and put us in contact with businesses who can help promote your online classes.
  5. Let your local media know what you’re up to. Pitch your live stream and/or your on-demand workouts and provide all relevant details. Our studio was grateful to be featured on the local news paper / radio along with other local businesses offering online workouts.
  6. Use social media to connect with customers. If your members follow you on Instagram, use stories as an opportunity to showcase what you’re up to and local resources available to them (including those businesses you’re cross-promoting). Social Media is the perfect platform Instagram / Tick Tock  & LinkedIn. Add  Live content daily by keeping your client’s and community motivated.
  7. Create a members-only Facebook group. Again, use social media to your advantage. Make it private and encourage members to engage by sharing healthy recipes and Netflix recommendations, coordinating FaceTime workouts, and offering exclusive content from your business. Consider marketing your Facebook group as a perk of being a member to help maintain autopays during this time.
  8. Start an at-home challenge. Challenges help keep clients motivated throughout the year—and in a time like this, an extra dose of motivation will be just what your community needs. Have fun with an at-home plank or squat challenge with rewards like discounts or free swag. Our studio is hosting an at-home bingo challenge to keep our community engaged. To get the word out, we used our members-only Facebook group.
  9. Do a review campaign. Your loyal customers want to help you, and getting more reviews is a great way to engage them while strengthening your brand (and your SEO), too
  10. Let your customers pre-buy packages, memberships, or services. Loyal members will feel good knowing they’re helping our businesses in the short-term so they can receive the services they love (hint: our workouts) later down the line.
  11. Discount  packages. Ideal? No. But if discounting is a sort term measure to drive in revenue for a month or two then do it. At least you have cash flow coming in , and at the same time build your client base and brand
  12. Ramp up retail. Whether it’s offering to send swag packages, opening an online retail store, or both, our clients will be looking for gear to wear and use while at home. Our studios can help them out with branded sweatpants, bands, or other equipment, and more.
  13. Pick up the phone and call, text, or FaceTime your members. That’s right, we’re talking good old-fashioned connection. If our clients aren’t seeing us in person, they’ll miss those interactions. Make their day by contacting them directly and letting them know you’re thinking of them. It’s a simple gesture that means a lot—several of our clients told us so.