Diversification and networking: Leading equipment manufacturers to bring new technologies and concepts to FIBO

A one-size-fits-all fitness programme? Passé. Today we see more and more individual concepts for the various target groups at fitness and health studios. Diversification is the order of the day. Which is why the fitness industry will be offering a variety of workout concepts and equipment at this year’s FIBO to ever more accurately address the gloriously diverse needs of exercisers. Digital networking is getting more important, as well. Industry market leaders such as Core Health & Fitness, eGym, gym80, Johnson Health Tech., Life Fitness, Milon, Precor, Scotfit, SportsArt and Technogym will showcase the training area of the future and demonstrate how gym operators can prevail in the market. The exercisers themselves are winners, too, because they can look forward to an ever-more professional, comprehensive and varied set of choices.


Individual fitness solutions for different types of exercisers and generations are in high demand. FIBO visitors will find numerous tailored solutions at the trade show, for example at the stand of Johnson Health Tech . Adding to their already successful MX4 group training concept, the company now also offers MX4 ACTIVE in order to reach older and less fit people and those with physical limitations such as back or knee problems. “For this target group, the classic functional circuit format has an intimidating effect indeed, which is why our training experts developed a new programme, geared precisely toward these target groups, that offers turnkey workouts with the exclusive MX4 equipment”, says Ariane Vorwald, marketing manager at Johnson Health Tech., in explaining the new concept.

One example of such a targeted programme is Metabolic Fit by eGym, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and was developed specifically for type 2 diabetes patients. In this way, the company also supports the development of profitable self-payer areas with modern, fully electronic weight equipment and optimally connected apps.

Life Fitness is similarly betting on a vast selection for all types of exercisers and age groups. “Hammer Strength products are ideal for the strength workouts of ambitious amateur athletes and pros. They’re complemented by the equipment from the Hammer Strength Accessories line for high-intensity interval training with free weights. All-round studios will be well equipped with cardio and strength equipment from Life Fitness. Workout equipment from the Cybex and SCIFIT brands is perfect for preventive and rehabilitative training units with a scientific background. Thanks to their simple and variable operation, they’re also ideal for the workouts of Best Agers and people with physical limitations”, says Stefan Geier, the marketing manager for the DACH region at Life Fitness, in describing the portfolio.


The training area of the future will be digitally networked. One of the providers is eGym . “All devices are intelligently connected with each other and holistically tailored to the customer. What’s more, eGym ONE is an open cloud platform that allows every manufacturer interested in creating an unforgettable, highly personalised and successful training experience together with the customer to connect to it”, says Sebastian Witzig, who’s responsible for corporate development at eGym.

Stefan Geier from Life Fitness is also sure that, in the near future, no operator will get around connected devices that record and analyse workout data. “Members expect professional analysis and control of their workouts through interactive equipment that’s complemented by competent trainers”, Geier says. “In addition, the technology enables visually impressive and motivating goose bump moments, especially in small group training – like on indoor cycling bikes. Soon, many small group training fans won’t want to miss competition animations on large screens.”

“It’s difficult to summarise in just one sentence the countless highlights we offer in the area of digitalisation”, agrees Ariane Vorwald from Johnson Health Tech. “After all, our solution makes many gears mesh together in order to easily connect workout equipment, gym members, trainers and studio operators and optimally help each of them to reach their respective goals. On top of all that are additional benefits derived from interfacing with well-known gym software providers, electronic circuits, locking systems and more.”

The focus of FIBO

Individualisation, digitalisation, health training, emotionalisation, small group training: the key players of the industry will bring personalised solutions for gym operators and health facilities to the trade show. “At gym80 , things will get diverse and yet entirely individual, delivered, of course, with the usual Made in Germany quality”, says owner and CEO Simal Yilmaz. “The focus will be on the endless possibilities of individualisation.” The company offers countless colour variations, upholstery colours and feels, plus embroidered or laser-finished logos and graphics. “We don’t limit the creativity and individuality of our customers, helping them to turn their studios into their regions’ hot spots for fitness and lifestyle”, adds Lorenzen. Equipment innovations will also be on display at the stand. Says Lorenzen, “The new 80ATHLETICS series revolutionises the functional and performance segment with rigs, racks, benches and devices. In addition, we’ll present the facelift of the PURE KRAFT line and the new and unique PURE KRAFT-NO BULLSHIT line, which we developed in cooperation with Andreas and Alexander Pürzel (Intelligent Strength/Das Gym – Vienna).”

“Small group training and technology – emotions and digitalisation for an even more intense experience”: that’s the motto at the stand of Life Fitness . The company will present modular systems aimed at letting studios meet the needs of the small group training (SGT) trend. The SGT portfolio is a carefully selected compilation of strength and endurance equipment plus accessories, which make it possible to quickly and easily set up attractive group training rooms for intense and varied units. “This combination evokes emotions among the members and strengthens their ties to the clubs. Also at FIBO, we’ll have an exclusive preview of the new Life Fitness performance treadmill and workout shows at the stand”, says Stefan Geier. Another focus will be on digital solutions for club and member management, such as the training software HALO.

“Two key fitness industry trends will also be on display at our stand: digital networking – which we call ‘Connected Solutions’ – and functional training, or circuit training in small groups, for which we developed our MX4 workout concept”, says Ariane Vorwald in describing Johnson Health Tech’s exhibit at the show.

A total of about 1,100 exhibitors from 47 countries have announced their participation in FIBO 2019. In keeping with the tagline “Featuring the Future of Fitness”, they’ll showcase the global innovations on the market. FIBO will take place in Cologne from 4 to 7 April.