Do I need to wear a mask in a post-lockdown gym?

Before the latest lockdown, masks were not mandatory in the gym. It is uncertain whether this will be the case in December when gyms reopen again.
However, according to previous government guidelines, the wearing of masks were not typically enforced, unless your specific gym implements rules to do so.
Adidas and the gym company Rebel have both launched their own ranges of face masks designed to adapt to the face for comfort during physical activity.
Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden confirmed this and said: “We have not taken a decision to require the wearing of face masks in respect of gyms.”
Some popular chains have announced they will not be asking their customers to wear a mask because they have put in “other measures” to ensure people are safe and social distancing.
Boutique joint 1Rebel are just one example of a place which had overhauled how they operated, populating their entrance with a thermal imaging fever-testing machine that will deliver entrants’ results to the (perspex clad) reception computer in five seconds; outside the spin studio, tape along the floor marks where attendees are to stand, at a distance, before class begins.