EGYM Offers Gym Owners Free Digital Solution And Education Content

EGYM has opened access to its own-brand member app, free of charge, to help gym operators, leisure centres, studios and health clubs stay connected to members during these times of imposed lockdown, triggered by a need to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Physical distancing should not need to mean social isolation”, explains Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director, EGYM UK. “With the whole population confined to their homes except to run essential errands, there is more of a need than ever to  keep the community and for operators to maintain some form of valuable contact and service provision. A digital solution holds the key to unlocking the present and the future for many operators do not have a product in place or the funds available to create one.

It is in everybody’s interests that gym owners are able to survive this interruption to ‘business as usual’ so when the lockdown is lifted, we have an industry to return to. As a result, EGYM is making our  multi-function, EGYM Branded Member App available, free of charge, until at least June 30, 2020.”

The app is a tailored version of the highly acclaimed and widely adopted EGYM Digital product, formerly Netpulse, and enables operators to create a digital environment where their member community can be united through push , self made or web browsed virtual classes and physical activity challenges. It also enables trainers to create customised, professional, digital workout programmes pulling on a huge workout library of pro-created content supported by animated exercise demonstrations. This makes workouts simple to create and  ensures members continue to train safely and effectively whilst at home.

Obenauer, adds: “The EGYM Branded Member App pulls all communications and workout resources together. This creates a single resource point for members who are keen to continue their training journey whilst physical distancing, supported by their chosen fitness brand. There is even a provision for trainers to record their own workout content via the social platform of their choice, such as Zoom, You Tube, Instagram or facebook Live and make viewing this content possible via the app. This creates opportunities to stream live or pre-recorded bespoke workouts by familiar instructors, further enhancing a personal brand connection.

“During these times of physical distancing, it is absolutely imperative that gym owners are able to maintain a close connection to members. Our app makes this possible. Operators can use ‘push notifications’ to maintain regular communication. These can be generic messages sent to multiple members or bespoke, sent to individuals. They can be ad hoc or automated. Our app can also manage challenges to further promote community engagement. At this Individuals will crave a connection to the outside world. This kind of community builder will be a lifeline for many.”

The free app can also be upgraded to a custom-branded premium model. Obenauer, says: “We are recommending operators sign up and get started with the free EGYM Branded Member App because this can be active in less than a few weeks. The custom-branded version takes a few weeks to set up.”

In addition, EGYM is collaborating with industry experts to produce a series of free-to-access education webinars. These are promoted across EGYM social media channels and aired live via Webex and Zoom. Recordings of the webinars are also available as a playlist on the EGYM YouTube channel for those who miss the live broadcasts.

Obenauer, comments: “Whilst individuals are at home, not having to travel and attend meetings, it’s the ideal time to schedule some personal development. The webinar series aims to share insight, knowledge and opinion, all of which will make attendees more resilient, more informed and more prepared when we re-enter the world.”

To view the webinar schedule visit the EGYM YouTube channel  or follow EGYMUK on Instagram, Linkedin and facebook to notification of upcoming live sessions. To register for the EGYM Branded Member App, visit