Enthusiasm for Running Increased by 35% During Lockdown

JoggingBuddy, the free online social network helping joggers and runners to find a buddy local to them, saw an exceptional increase of 35% membership, like for like over the same period this time last year, during lockdown.
“It is a well known fact that running is good for your physical and mental health, this combined with the fact that it is free and one of the few activities currently without restrictions has seen more and more people enjoying the benefits.”  Says Tony Piedade, Founder and CEO of JoggingBuddy. Tony launched the platform 11 years ago at a time was frustrated with his own health and fitness and wanted to create a tool to help others,  “Finding someone to run with is the best tool you can have to achieve your long term health goals and I am delighted that our platform has been the catalyst for so many people to change their life chances”.
JoggingBuddy has grown from initially a small group of friends to having over 52,000 members in 123 countries. Membership is free, users can link their accounts to various running tools such as Strava and fitbit, or they can simply log their miles the old fashioned way. The idea is to encourage a sense of community, to encourage each other to run further, go for longer and stay safe, 51% of members worldwide are women. 
 “The Buddy concept is something that I have always believed in.  Along with my training buddy Kriss Akabusi we achieved so much together and supported each other every step of the way. It’s hard to get back into fitness, but it becomes much more fun and rewarding if you can find someone near you to share your goals with. That is why I believe in this concept of JoggingBuddy and I am looking forward to working with Tony and the team to actively grow this platform and help people get fitter together. “ Says Roger Black MBE, British Olympian and a member of the JoggingBuddy Advisory Board. 
Other members of the JoggingBuddy advisory board include: Sonia Samuels, Team GB marathon runner,  James Foster –  VP running at Adidas and Matthew Brooke
Managing Director of Tough Mudder UK & Spartan.
“Sharing my passion of running with others has built some of my strongest friendships with people from all over the world. I’m so excited to be teaming up with JoggingBuddy to help others enjoy similar experiences. Running not only brings health and physical benefits but JoggingBuddy brings a unique opportunity to meet and share your running journey and goals with like-minded people.” Sonia Samuels, Team GB marathon runner.