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Escape makes functional training more inclusive and accessible through the launch of its digital coaching experience

Escape Fitness has completely overhauled its Multi Activity Resource Station (MARS-2.0)  to provide members with access to quality instruction whenever they need it. Breaking down barriers to participation that exist when people feel unsure of how to safely and effectively use equipment, MARS 2.0 bridges the gap between education and equipment, creating an inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy, on every visit.

“MARS 2.0 provides ‘always on’ equipment instruction and coaching, perfect for training spaces that do not always offer in-person support from instructors,’ says Matthew Januszek, CEO, Escape Fitness. “Many people, especially those who are new to functional training and working out in an unfamiliar environment – for example those using a hotel, residential or corporate facility, can be put off training because they are unsure of how to engage with the equipment. Being able to access equipment demonstrations and pre-loaded programmes that focus on how to use the equipment gives the operator peace of mind that people can train safely and the user the confidence to participate.”

Clicking on the touchscreen unlocks a huge selection of  high quality, engaging fitness content from individual exercise and equipment demonstrations to full-on workouts. The entire Escape Fitness content library is available to all but with the option to switch-on and switch-off content streams to reflect the equipment provision within the gym. This creates a more personal experience for the user who is then only exposed to content relevant to their environment.

“MARS 2.0 is a complete reinvention of our first-generation MARS digital coaching station”, continues Januzsek. “All content is uploaded in-house by the Escape team which gives total and immediate control over content provision. When Escape launches a new equipment innovation, content is uploaded to the library ready to be ‘switched on’ at the operator’s discretion. This way, the operator, trainers and end-users have instant access to the education needed to optimise new equipment from day one.

“In addition,  to enhance the user experience, a familiar ‘swipe’ action is used to navigate content, with all visual resources displayed on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart screen.”

MARS 2.0 has been specifically designed to attach to an Octagon frame but it can also be  freestanding, creating a gym-floor centrepiece that ensures easy-access to instruction is available around the clock for the benefit of all.

To install MARS 2.0 and access this 24-hour digital coaching support all that is needed is an internet connection and a plug making it an ideal, cost-effective, addition to any training space.

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