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EuropeActive events – EHFF, EFAF and ISM going fully virtual

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EuropeActive events – EHFF, EFAF and ISM going fully virtual

After FIBO’s decision to suspend its trade show in November 2021, EuropeActive would like to share that its European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) will be held virtually on Wednesday, 3rd November. The adjusted programme for EuropeActive’s President’s Councils Summit is expected to be announced in September.

Furthermore, two other annual EuropeActive events will take place in a digital format: The European Fitness Associations Forum (EFAF) on Thursday 4th November and the International Standards Meeting (ISM) on Friday 5th November.

We and the whole European fitness and physical activity sector are now very much looking forward to FIBO in April 2022. We thank all our presenters, panellists, team members, partners and delegates for their efforts in adapting to the current changes. Please note that delegates who have already registered for the on-site EHFF programme will be fully reimbursed.

More information regarding programme and registration details will follow soon.

SafeACTiVE Study 2.0 – Help us prove fitness facilities are safe!

We have started the data collection process for the second cycle of our SafeACTiVE Study and we kindly ask for your support to analyse the levels of COVID-19 transmission risk in fitness clubs and leisure facilities.

European health club operators are encouraged to contribute to the report by submitting reliable data on a weekly basis from when they reopened their facilities and services in 2021 via the link below:

To access the data reporting platform, click here

The President’s Voice
As part of the build-up to the fully-digital EHFF in November, our second virtual session on September 8th will gather industry leaders and experts to discuss current digital trends and consumer behaviour, market development and much more, so make sure you grab your seat for what I promise you won’t be ‘just another webinar’ but a session full of inspirational and useful content. Furthermore, I would like to celebrate that the data collection for the second cycle of our SafeACTiVE Study is currently being developed, so I strongly encourage all European operators to get involved and help us prove how essential and safe fitness facilities are for people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

On a final note, I would like to remind you all to participate in the fantastic #BEACTIVE DAY campaign to celebrate the fun and positive power of physical activity and make September 23rd the most active day of the year”.

 President, David Stalker

Join EuropeActive and its partners for the #BEACTIVE DAY Campaign!

Excitement is building as we inch closer to #BEACTIVE DAY on September 23rd as part of the celebrations for the European Week of Sport.

This campaign will celebrate the fun and importance of physical activity and motivate people to lead an active lifestyle. We encourage all our members, ambassadors, supporters and stakeholders to get involved and demonstrate the importance of exercise for people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Click here to access #BEACTIVE DAY

Member Services
Club Operator Member in the spotlight – LifeFit Group
It is the mission of LifeFit Group to enable people to lead healthier and fitter lives. During the pandemic, many people did not have the opportunity to focus on their fitness and well-being. Furthermore, despite the rise in digital fitness and home workout offers during this period, LifeFit Group noticed that many people were looking forward to working out in a physical gym again.

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Supplier Member in the spotlight – BRP Systems
Even though the pandemic has been really tough on society as a whole, it has also provided companies with an opportunity to take a step back and reconsider their business model. BRP Systems is now moving towards an even more value-based approach to keep a sharper focus on the needs in the industry and to improve relations with customers.

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EHFF 2021: Deep Dive on-demand sessions are available!

The following on-demand sessions are available for you to watch as part of the build-up to the 2021 European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) in November:

The rise of the hybrid model and implications for the fitness professional in the new normal

Understanding the value and impact of the European DataHub

The role and value of THiNK Active for the fitness and physical activity sector

Promoting active and healthy ageing

Educational Services
2021 International Standards Meeting (ISM) goes fully virtual
We want to inform you that the 12th annual International Standards Meeting (ISM), EuropeActive’s main event for training providers, employers, practitioners and other key stakeholders in the fitness and physical activity sector, will be held virtually on Friday, 5th November. We are also thrilled to announce WHO Head of Unit, Physical Activity, Dr. Fiona Bull and Prof. Willem van Mechelenof Amsterdam University Medical Centers as keynote speakers for this year’s edition.

More information regarding the programme and registration details will follow soon.

EU & Public Affairs
EuropeActive participates in the European Parliament consultation on the future of EU sport policy
On Tuesday June 29th, MEP Tomasz Frankowski, who is taking the lead on the European Parliament report on the future of EU sport policy, invited stakeholders from across the sport movement to provide input for the report during an online consultation meeting. EuropeActive praised the quality of the research report and its recommendations and emphasized the need to have physical activity, health and education as central pillars going forward.
For more information, click here.
Projects & Programmes
National Fitness Day for Europe Project:
National Stakeholders Seminars to promote the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign

As part of our National Fitness Day for Europe project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, the National Stakeholders Seminars took place across Europe and beyond aiming to engage relevant national stakeholders of the fitness and physical activity sector to promote the forthcoming #BEACTIVE DAY campaign on 23rd September.

Click here for further information.

New EuropeActive members
We are delighted to welcome

as new members of EuropeActive.
If you are interested in joining EuropeActive, please contact The Secretariat.