EuropeActive hosted the second roundtable of its DEI Advisory Group on equal-treatment and anti-discrimination

EuropeActive hosted the second roundtable of its DEI Advisory Group on equal-treatment and anti-discrimination
Brussels, Belgium, 30th November 2020

EuropeActive (EA), the leading voice and non-profit association representing the European fitness and physical activity sector, hosted on Thursday 26th November 2020 the second roundtable of its Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Group on equal-treatment and anti-discrimination in the European fitness and physical activity sector. Based on the Community heading of EuropeActive’s Horizon 2025 Sectoral Manifesto, these principles aim to represent an essential turning point for the sector’s development in educating a better, more inclusive workforce. 

Members of the DEI Advisory Group will convene on a monthly basis to produce a Sectoral Charter on anti-discrimination, equal treatment and inclusivity to be presented at the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) in April 2021.

The group, which is open to additional new members, is currently comprised of representatives from various fitness and physical activity stakeholders including suppliers, trainers and exercise professionals, operators and National Associations to guarantee diversity and proportional representation. Participants of the second roundtable also discussed DEI Advisory Group’s role in a series of EuropeActive podcasts to disseminate the purpose, experiences and future guidelines of the group as well as to raise awareness of the principles that will form the core of the Sectoral Charter.

Furthermore, they underscored the importance of clearly defining the key concepts behind these actions, in order to promote a meaningful common language around DEI, equal treatment and anti-discrimination in the fitness and physical activity sector. Substantial understanding of terms and concepts like human dignity, equality, equity and inclusion is uncommon in the fitness and physical activity sector; and it is the aim of the Advisory Group to not only define these concepts and promote common understanding of them, but to turn them into daily practice across the sector.

DEI Advisory Group Member Rachel Young commented: “I was absolutely delighted when I first heard about this initiative and of course said yes when I was invited to join EuropeActive’s DEI Advisory Group. Only if all industry representatives give key topics such as equality, tolerance or anti-discrimination the attention they deserve, we can be perceived as a mature, inclusive sector that supports its workforce”.

EREPS Ambassador and Member of DEI Advisory Group Tony Stones also underlined “the extraordinary support and visibility this working group is giving to equality, diversity and inclusion at this critical time for our sector. It is of vital importance to work together to reposition our industry towards a more inclusive, supportive ecosystem.” 

More information and updates on the DEI Advisory Group activities will follow before the end of the year.

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