EuropeActive News – October 2020

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SafeACTiVE Study – Preliminary data reveals
extremely low levels of Covid-19 risk in fitness clubs

We are delighted to inform that the preliminary results from our SafeACTiVE study, commissioned by EuropeActive’s Research Centre THINK Active, are showing extremely low levels of Covid-19 risk in fitness clubs and leisure facilities.

Research and evaluation partners King Juan Carlos University and AWRC-Sheffield Hallam University have collected data from more than 62 million visits with only 487 positive cases. Based on current results, the average infection rate sits at 0.78 per 100,000 visits. The full report is envisaged to be released in early November 2020.

More information will follow soon.

Member Services

Did you hear? The Active Podcast is live!

We are delighted to officially launch our series of fitness podcasts delivering new original content for EuropeActive members. The first three episode teasers are now available by clicking on the links below:

01 – Upskilling the workforce during/post C19
02 – The ‘Apple Attack’
03 – The low Covid-19 risk in fitness clubs

Episode 4 on “Objective Public PT Standards” goes live on Wednesday 4th November. Previous episodes will remain accessible at all times for members from the EuropeActive Knowledge Center.

7th European Health & Fitness Forum: Measuring the impact of Covid-19
EuropeActive hosted its first-ever virtual European Health and Fitness Forum (EHFF) on Wednesday, 30th September 2020, broadcasted live from a tv-studio in Germany with more than 400 attendees from around the world. Speakers and panelists gave in-depth analyses about the current situation in our sector and identified potential scenarios and opportunities moving forward.
Educational Services
11th International Standards Meeting (ISM) – Register your place!
The 2020 International Standards Meeting (ISM) is taking place in less than a month. EuropeActive’s main event for training providers, educators, employers and practitioners invested in education and training in the fitness and physical activity sector with the theme ‘Facing the new normal together’ – where we will be looking to the future and the opportunities appearing out of adversity.

Registration is now available by clicking here.

Consultation for ‘Online provision of fitness services’
The EuropeActive Covid-19 Standards and Skills Task Force has successfully developed the ‘Online provision of fitness services’ qualification. It provides fitness professionals with the knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility to safely and effectively deliver fitness services within their scope of practice as a certified exercise professional at the relevant EQF level.

If you are a European employer, an academic institution, a personal training practitioner or a vocational training provider, click here to provide your professional feedback.

Colin Huffen joins the Professional Standards Committee (PSC)
EuropeActive has recently appointed Colin Huffen from the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) to its Professional Standards Committee (PSC). As the Head of Standards and Regulations, Colin will be an invaluable addition to the PSC team in its work as the leading body in developing the occupations and registration of the European health and fitness sector workforce.
EU & Public Affairs
EFAF Roundtable to share latest updates across Europe

EuropeActive and its national association partners came together on Tuesday 20th October for the 10th EFAF roundtable format to exchange the latest information on COVID-19 restrictions across Europe. They will continue to work closely together to best represent the interests of the fitness and physical activity sector in these challenging times.

More information to follow soon.

Projects & Programmes
The European Fitness Sector contribution to the 2020 #BeActive Campaign

We are proud to present our Annual #BeActive Report, which provides an overview of the fitness sector contribution to the European Week of Sport 2020 and to the overall #BeActive message throughout the year.

The European Fitness sector has been instrumental in the success of the campaign by reaching over 30 million Europeans with the #BeActive message and helping to get almost 1,5 million people active through thousands of events across the continent.

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