EuropeActive strengthens its bonds with the Polish fitness and physical activity sector

EuropeActive, the leading voice and non-profit association for the European fitness and physical activity sector, keeps widening its influence and connections across Europe. Executive Director Andreas Paulsen recently visited the FIWE trade show in Warsaw, Poland, on September 18th to meet up with EuropeActive’s Polish partners PFF and FPF.

During these exceptionally difficult times, fitness and physical activity need a strong voice to promote and protect its interests for the physical, social, mental wellbeing of citizens and communities across Europe. National fitness associations play a central role at national level in helping spread the message across policy and decision makers in their respective countries. Likewise, EuropeActive has defined Health, Digital, Community and Standards as its overall priorities for the improvement of the European fitness and physical activity sector as we move into the post Covid-19 realities.

Executive Director Andreas Paulsen commented: “Visiting both Kongres FEM and FIWE in Warsaw this year has really underscored for me the inspiring creativity and innovation of the Polish fitness and physical activity sector. Although being hit hard by COVID-19, like the rest of our European sector, the Polish fitness and physical activity sector is clearly showing both resilience and belief in the future as it passes through C19″.

“The smart move to use these challenging circumstances to get together to form a national sector association is clear proof of a professionally maturing industry. Uniting the Polish sector in a national fitness association, in order to speak with one voice, and to forcefully promote our industry’s unique potential to combat the pandemic of physical inactivity, will be deservedly crowning a sector with exceptional innovation, passion and promise for the physical, social and mental wellbeing of Polish citizens”, he concluded.

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