EuropeActive’s Leadership – Update

Following EuropeActive’s 19th General Assembly on 2nd April 2020, the association’s new Board of Directors, at their Inaugural Board Meeting, elected David Stalker as President and Andreas Paulsen as Executive Director. Both were selected to provide visionary governance and organisational stability over the coming year, and to draft and implement EuropeActive’s 2025 Strategy, thus paving the way for the association’s future leadership.

David Stalker has spent his career in the leisure, health and fitness industry. He is known for his many successes in senior-level roles including Ukactive, Leisure Connection, CIMSPA and Bladerunner. In January of 2019 David joined the Myzone team as CEO of the EMEA/APAC region. David’s election to EuropeActive’s Board took place at the 18th General Assembly in April 2019. This will be his second term in office having been a founder Board member from 2010 to 2015.

Andreas Paulsen is Co-Founder, and served many years as Managing Director, of a Scandinavian chain, partially working in the field of medical fitness; and he has extensive experience in facilitating coperation between the fitness and physical activity sector and healthcare providers. Andreas served as Vice Chair of the Standards Council of EuropeActive 2012 – 2015 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since April 2015.

Board Members elected at the 19th General Assembly of EuropeActive are Ana Damaso (National Association, PT, re-elected), Jennifer Halsall (Operator, NL), Silke Frank (Trade Show, DE), Prof. Alfonso Jiménez(Operator, ES). The election significantly strengthens the diverse representation of stakeholders, the European continent, as well as gender balance at the Board, which is a specifically defined goal of the association. To further ensure its stakeholder representation, the Board decided to coopt election-runner-up Marco Mazzanti (Supplier, IT).

As the association’s new Vice President and Treasurer the Board of EuropeActive elected Ana Damaso, who is a certified accountant and has many years of experience in the Portuguese fitness and physical activity sector. Ana has been a EuropeActive Board member since April 2017. Ana became part of EuropeActive’s Finance Committee in 2019, which she will now lead as Treasurer, in addition to joining the Executive Committee with the President and Executive Director.

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Carlos Fernández
EuropeActive Communications Officer