EuropeActive’s webinar on strategic planning and running clubs under restrictions proved a huge success

On Thursday 23rd April EuropeActive successfully hosted ‘The Importance of Fitness’ webinar to discuss about the strategic planning taking place in the UK to raise the profile and promoting the importance of fitness, and explored the Swedish example of clubs keeping open with restrictions and what happens in practice. EuropeActive’s President David Stalker welcomed participants and introduced webinar’s speakers. 

Keynote speaker Huw Edwards (CEO of ukactive) outlined the UK position on a coordinated approach covering the latest research on modelling around returning to business and the effect of delays to opening clubs, guidance on regulation observance for clubs intending to re-open, how to keep pressure on politicians and policy-makers to ensure fitness is right at the top of their thinking, and how to build effective communications and campaigns to promote physical activity.

Huw said “In this turbulent landscape we seek to raise the voice of our members and protect the future of the sector. This is being done at a number of levels with in-depth development and activation of a reopening strategy. It’s important to first understand the impact of Covid-19 on our sector so we can properly prepare for the re-opening.”

The second keynote speaker was Peter van den Brink (CEO of KlubbSverige) who updated participants on how clubs are being managed under covid-19 restrictions. He covered the importance of dealing with practical issues of membership communications, staff training and protection, and infection control. He also explained how the economics work with reduced access, but with clubs still having their full operating overheads.

Peter commented that “in the beginning we saw a lot of panic actions, clubs not following the restrictions and making their own decisions. Some closed down their clubs only tore-open. This fact had a quite large negative impact on the industry and the discussions in media where quite aggressive. There are no general guidelines just for health clubs on how to handle the situation, but nearly all clubs made the same decisions and changes in the routines by sharing good practices and working together.”

The Importance of Fitness webinar is one of a series being produced by EuropeActive and further details are available from

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