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Fisikal has developed a standalone, white-label app that enables gym owners to run, manage and execute bespoke member acquisition promotions.

Rob Lander, CEO, Fisikal explains: “Many gyms continue to face tough times with rising energy prices hiking up costs whilst the cost-of-living crisis places less disposable income in the pocket of the consumer. This is amplifying the need for effective member acquisition campaigns that are easy to manage, efficient to run and deliver a great member experience. The challenge is, many gyms do not have the digital capability to action this. We developed this affordable, self-sufficient app to offer a solution.”

The app is extremely versatile. Central YMCA has just activated Fisikal’s digital promotions app to manage their 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

The custom branded App can be downloaded, free of charge, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Content is then unlocked via a secure code provided by Central YMCA. Once inside, the user can access details of the promotion and, after answering some basic profiling questions, arrange to visit the club and complete a tour.

Once in the club, a QR code stored in the app, verifies the user, grants access, logs this initial visit and any subsequent visits. The code remains active for the term of the promotion, automatically switching off at the end of the promotion’s term.


Ryan Palmer, general manager at Central YMCA, says: “Digitalising the administration of the promotion removes inefficiencies of a paper-based system whilst also providing the operator with real-time access to user profile information, plus activation and engagement data. If people decide to join following the promotion their details can be integrated into the gyms incumbent CRM system, if they don’t, data can be stored, growing the prospect database, and used in future targeted marketing campaigns.

“The App is a game changer for us. Not only does it modernise the experience of the person enjoying the promotion, it also gives us, the operator, access to real time data that helps us to understand the popularity of the promotion and the behaviours of those involved in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

Fisikal built the custom-branded app for Central YMCA and had it operational within three weeks. If you are interested in finding out more about this new promotions app contact or for general information about fisikal, visit