Body Design FIT, a functional and personal training studio, has had a successful year of growth aided by a switch to take their business systems online with the support of Fisikal, experts in digital management solutions.

“Growth has always been a key factor for us.” Explains Body Design FIT owner, Simon Longstaff, whose gym was recognised as Northern Gym of the Year in the 2019 National Fitness Awards. “As the business gathered pace, it was vital to identify a single tool to manage the scheduling and payments across our sites. However, I needed a solution that was usable for those that weren’t necessarily technically literate and didn’t feel intimidating to our customers.”

Having considered a number of options, Longstaff was impressed with the versatility and flexibility of the Fisikal product, recognising that it was a proven, mainstream system adaptable for use in big health club chains as well as independent, boutique studios.

Longstaff continues: “The entire process felt collaborative. Fisikal CEO, Rob Lander, really helped explain the system to me, simplifying the integration options and ensuring I didn’t need to compromise on any of the features I needed.”

Phase One of the partnership launched online personal training bookings, payments and scheduling, instilling an organised, systematic online approach for the team and their customers.

As class sizes increased and the company expanded to new locations, the Fisikal solution made the process streamlined and manageable. In the last year, Body Design FIT has been able to use the platform to adapt to GDPR compliance and take their entire business virtually paperless. Now in Phase Two, Fisikal will be supporting the launch of email marketing and open an online shop.

“As a business owner, the biggest impact for me is that everything is now entirely quantifiable. I can analyse the business and customer behaviour at the click of a button.” Adds Longstaff. “From a data point of view, my visibility is unlimited. This transparency means that I can really serve my customers what they need.”

Rob Lander, CEO at Fisikal, adds:” We live in an age where people expect fingertip access to information. Fisikal provides an affordable way to enhance the client experience and reduce operational pressure points associated with manual booking and payment methods.

This is a fantastic showcase demonstrating the transformational impact our business management and online booking solutions can have on business performance and growth.”