FIT Summit Online Summits: Update to Sponsors and Exhibitors: Reflections, Feedback, Next Events

To Our Sponsors and Partners,

The below will take a few minutes to read through so please digest when you can.

Yesterday, we hosted our first online Summit. As shared with you earlier, this first event was the testing ground for something greater still. It was successful but we did encounter a few technical glitches, it was a steep learning curve but we are learning. The platform works, we just need a little more time with it. Below I have run through our reflections and our next steps to ensure we continue to work for your benefit. There is a lot in this email as we want to be fully transparent with you and share as much insight as we can. Let me start with the not so good first.

  1. BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: We discovered that Chrome is by far the best browser to use for maximum functionality and minimal spooling. Browsers like Edge are simply not good enough for the system given its power. We did highlight in our communications that Chrome was best but we need to do better at reinforcing this message going forward (and at every stage possible).

  1. MAIN STAGE DELAY: We used the main stage area for our keynote talks. We had a technical problem where everything was ready to go but the platform did not allow us to ‘broadcast’ ourselves to the participants. We did not foresee this problem as it has not happened in testing. To plan against this, it is easy to set up a second stage and move speakers to there in the future but the problem should not repeat. Yesterday we did not have a second stage as contingency ready (picture me hitting my forehead with my palm).

  1. OPEN SESSION FORMAT: We experimented with the roundtable sessions having a moderator and open for participants to ‘participate’ versus simply ‘spectate’. This was to ensure maximum audience interaction. In reflection, this format was difficult to manage and harder to control than we thought, so we will move to closed session format (below for more details)

  1. NETWORKING TIMES: We tried to structure the agenda to create a flow of people moving from one area to another by locking off some areas to push people into the exhibition. In reflection people don’t follow such a flow, some wanted to dive into face to face networking from the moment they entered. This is easy to improve. We will simply unlock areas for longer periods. Going forward, both the networking and exhibition will be open for every minute the event is live.

  1. GLOBAL REACH: We ended up with close to 2,300 registrations – a huge number of people. Several hundred from the Americas registered to simply gain access to the recorded sessions (they could not stay up to be there in real time). With so much value being placed on the content we are moving to have more structured content (thus the need for closed sessions, again see below). Each one of these people will receive the recordings and other info – this is a good opportunity to further enhance sponsor profile (again please see below).

So, what’s next? How can we improve and deliver more value? How can we involve you more?


We have committed to run three more online events, each three weeks apart. The dates for these events are Wed 6 May, Wed 27 May and Wed 17 June. You will have free access, branding, profiling and booth spaces at all of these events – that is (in part) how we proudly continue and strengthen our relationship with you. We will assess after that the demand for such events but we are confident these three events will be very well attended.

** 6 May registration is now open here: and will be promoted in the coming days **

In terms of improving our event format, considering the above points, going forward we can now apply the following:

  1. MORE TICKET TYPES: Starting with the 6 May event, there are now different types of ticket available, all are still free but classified by your sector interest. By selecting one type of ticket, you can only network with that same group in the face-to-face networking segment. Fitness tickets only network with other fitness tickets. Wellness with wellness. General with everyone. This helps you get more focused interaction, if that would be of more value to you.

  1. NEW VIP TICKETS: We will be creating a hidden VIP ticket. VIP tickets are by invite only, not publicly listed. During the face-to-face networking VIPs can only be matched to meet other VIPs. Only 1 VIP ticket will be issued to each sponsor – please let us know who your designated VIP is.

  1. LONGER EVENT: We will extend each event from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours to include more networking time, more time to visit the exhibition and more content/talks. People can come and go as their schedule allows. It also allows people from different time zones more possibility of joining us when their schedule allows.

  1. MORE CONTENT: We will increase the number of roundtable sessions to offer more varied content, as well as add a closing keynote interview. The 6 May event will have five sessions – (i) digital fitness, (ii) wellness/spa insights, (iii) corporate wellness, (iv) boutiques and (v) nutrition. These will all be recorded and shared with all registered attendees.

  1. MORE SPEAKERS: We will fix roundtables sessions to be closed and have clearly defined speakers and moderator – just like a panel discussion at a conference, where no one speaks apart from designated speakers. Others can only view, not participate in, the discussion. Audience interaction can happen easily by chatting and asking questions in the session chat box.

  1. CHILL OUT ZONE: For 27 May and 17 June will we also add in a mediation/breathing session to add more physical wellness to the event – people can go there and relax for 15 minutes before ‘jumping back in’.

So, how can we add more value to you?

  1. SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: With more sessions, we now have a limited number of speaking opportunities to be assigned. These will be assigned in order of relevance and size of sponsorship (naturally). If of interest, please let us know.

  1. BRANDED ROUNDTABLES: We will add a sponsor of each session for brand association and profiling. Simple but effective. If of interest, please let us know.

  1. SHARING OF PRESENTATIONS: We will be sharing the web links of reports/presentations/webinars with attendees. If you wish to share any weblink you can do so, either (i) to us beforehand and/or (ii) in the public chat box during the event itself. Anything shared should be thought leadership driven, not sales and marketing. If of interest, please let us know and have that weblink ready.

  1. PROMOTING YOUR INVOLVEMENT: We will create marketing images for you to use as you wish to promote your involvement as a partner of these online events. If each sponsor/partner shared only once it would generate larger attendee numbers to each future event.

  1. PROMOTING YOUR VIRTUAL BOOTH DURING THE EVENT: In reflection this is a good tip to promote your booth on the day. When the event starts, (i) copy the URL of your booth webpage and (ii) share that link in the general chat inviting people to visit you, for example, “Hi everyone, pleased to meet you all here, please visit this link XXX to drop by and meet us”.

  1. GREATER BOOTH INTERACTION: It is better to have the booth contact email being one of your colleagues who is attending the event in real time – booth enquires can now be directed to them in real time so they can interact with people in real time. If someone comes to your booth and enquires, that email note is pinged directly to that person who can in real time interact in the event. We can easily change this email to the person you can ensure will be ‘live’ with us at the event.

We believe all of the above, in addition to people being used to the Hopin platform now, will only make for larger, more interactive and more successful events in May and June.

We are, like you are, working around the clock to try and offer our network (you especially) more value; we will continue to serve you as best we can and at every given opportunity. Our team is continually thinking of ways in particular, to make this series of online events is more engaging, immersive and beneficial. We appreciate your feedback at all times but please note, due to the limitations of the Hopin platform, some of your requests can’t be met at this moment in time. That, being said, we thank you for your patience and please do send through all feedback and ideas so we can try and deliver on that request and when we can.

As always, if easier to discuss on the phone, we can jump on a call at your convenience to do so.

Many thanks and best from the FIT Summit Team