Fitness challenges are 400% more popular during quarantine – gym members use plank and step challenges to stay motivated at home

By analysing the data of more than 16 million fitness app users throughout Europe, Virtuagym, a technology provider for fitness businesses, has spotted a rising trend in digital fitness challenge participation.

Over the past two weeks (of increasing isolation) an additional 400% more app users are utilizing the ‘fitness challenge’ feature in the company’s whitelabel training app. The feature allows clubs to organize challenges such as daily workout challenges, step challenges, as well as plank, squat or pull-up challenges that members can do at home during the current crisis. It tracks progress on a leaderboard and integrates with activity trackers so that users can win virtual awards.

The increased usage of fitness challenges leads to an increase in gym and studio owners touch points with members, a key metric for member retention. At the same time it’s allowing members to keep up exercise outside of the gym, allowing them to stay motivated by competing with other members and stay social throughout their isolation.

These findings are in line with the rest of Virtuagym’s data which shows there has been a 300% increase in using the workouts section of the Virtuagym app over the past two weeks, as a result of at home training with a virtual trainer.


About Virtuagym

Virtuagym provides an innovative fitness software platform for member engagement, coaching and club management. The platform delivers a complete ecosystem with integrated mobile apps with solutions for exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, online coaching, business analytics, scheduling, online sign-up and payments, over 40 third-party integrations, and much more.

With 200+ employees and offices in Amsterdam and the Americas, Virtuagym supports more than 15 million consumers, over 6,000 health clubs and 30,000+ trainers worldwide, including Easyfitness, Prime Time Fitness, Basic-Fit, Fit20, and more.  During the Corona crisis, Virtuagym offers clubs and studios a license free solution called Virtuagym @Home, to offer virtual trainer workouts to members . For more details go to