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The rebrand will see One Playground offer an all-encompassing fitness, lifestyle and wellness concept under one roof, for one affordable membership. 

From March 2, the public will be welcomed to the spectacular new world of One Playground

From humble beginnings starting as a small Bootcamp in 2011, Fitness Playground has grown to become an influential brand with a cult following boasting a global fan base. This eventuated in the brand being peer-voted as the Best Boutique Gym in the World at the Fit Summit awards in Singapore in 2022. 

In spite of Fitness Playgrounds success, CEO and Co-Founder Justin Ashley says the name change to One Playground was a logical evolution, aligning with the brand extending its offering beyond fitness, to include wellness and then into the all-encompassing concept. 

Fueling the Fitness Playground brand was a vision to offer our members the widest variety of high-quality experiences. Rebranding as One Playground marks the next step in fulfilling this vision,” said Justin. 

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Australians spend almost $100 a week on their wellness. While in the UK, the CEO of the boutique TRIB3, reported that 80% of their members carry more than one membership. It is clear consumers want choice and variety, and are willing to pay for it. 

“In order to meet their fitness and wellness needs, many Australians carry a gym membership for weights and cardio, and then attend specialist studio’s for HIIT, spin, yoga and pilates. With classes often priced around $35 each, members are investing well over $100 each week to address their fitness needs.” 

“One Playground’s unique offering will allow members to move away from holding various gym and studio memberships, combining them under one roof, with one affordable membership, without compromising on quality,” said Justin. 

While variety is at the core of what One Playground offers, stunning and creative interior design elevates the experience. 

“Our mission is to create the best gyms, not the most gyms, and we believe each space should be both inspiring and unique. To achieve this vision, we have a saying ‘no two Playgrounds will ever be the same’. We design every square inch from scratch, to turn each gym into an experience. We want to design our spaces that feel like the Merivale of Gyms, not the McDonalds.” 

For example, The Bunker has an underground Neo-Tokyo design where members can go to “escape life”, Newtown offers an ethereal “training in the clouds” concept, while the curved natural textures of Wellness Playground feel like you are stepping into a Mykonos day spa. Each experience is uniquely curated to evoke the right emotion and experience for our members.”

One Playground will celebrate its official rebrand alongside the unveiling of the “New Newtown” on Saturday, March 4. 

The Newtown event will reveal the spectacular and much anticipated multi-million dollar redeveloped gym space to the public, with the official ribbon cutting taking place at 8am. 

One Playground Newtown has been designed to be as unique as its community, offering an ultimate sensory and training experience. The green and white palette is a far cry from typical gyms, with a DJ booth perched over the space, syncing to a large lighting grid that pulses to the beat of each song. 

Celebrating the launch, members of the public are invited to attend the gym for free on the opening weekend (March 4-5) with merchandise giveaways, free bottles of Four Pillars Gin to the first 50 attendees, live DJs and wellness shots (of pre-workout), all on offer. 

And there is more to come for One Playground. 

Following the launch of One Playground Newtown, the final touches to Marrickville will be unveiled to the public on Monday March 13, following its $5 million redevelopment. On top of this, One Playground has opened a breathtaking new Reformer Pilates Studio in Surry Hills. 

Ashley remains focused on elevating the experience for the One Playground community, before expanding into new markets. 

“There are more One Playgrounds to come, and the designs we have created are truly mind blowing. Our Mothership concept, which is our take on a Flagship, takes the gym experience to another level. Another gym that is being designed will feature a brass winding staircase as the centre piece of a large three-level facility. 

We are very excited to announce these new openings to the public over the coming months. But for now, we are focused on elevating the experience for our One Playground community.” 

From March 2nd, additional information will be available via