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Celebrity-favourite PT and fitness entrepreneur Sarah Lindsay has unveiled the key ways to achieve a tip top body and mind and make health resolutions that last all year long.

As founder of ROAR Fitness, which has three personal training gyms in London plus another in Dubai, the triple Olympic former speed skater and her elite team of trainers are industry-leading experts in strength and weight training for women and men.

Now Sarah, who spent two decades competing in athletics internationally, is equipping everyone with the know-how to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes to overhaul their health in 2024.

Sarah says: “When January arrives, start as you mean to go on. The key to making good health and fitness habits stick is to plan them then prioritise them, which best happens when you believe that you’re worth making the effort for!”

Sarah Lindsay’s 8 health and fitness rules for 2024

Exercise daily – 30 mins movement a day is all you need. Activity shouldn’t be a luxury but a non-negotiable if you want to optimise your health and energy levels. Set your alarm half an hour earlier to get the job done. Can’t afford a gym membership? Invest in a pair of dumbbells and exercise at home. There should be no excuses for putting yourself first.

Lift weights – Without doing weight bearing exercise, your bones will become weak. Without challenging your muscles they won’t grow or get stronger. Being strong will future proof your body and by lifting weights you’ll become leaner too. It’s a win win.

Sleep well – Good quality sleep is the king of recovery from exercise and is also anti-aging because lack of sleep makes your skin cells age more quickly. Everyone’s sleep requirements are different so don’t fret if you don’t get eight hours like your best mate. The quality of the sleep is more important than the quantity so to get into a deep sleep, which is the goal, properly wind down before heading to bed so your brain isn’t active.

Eat right – Consume as much natural, varied and home made food as possible and that the balance is right, so plenty of protein, vegetables, essential fats and good quality carbohydrates. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming and just needs a little thought and planning. If you’re looking for energy before a workout, aim to eat as close to exercise as possible without feeling sick.

Hydrate. It’s not all about drinking more water but absorbing minerals. Adding electrolytes or Celtic Sea Salt – the most mineral dense salt that you can get – to your water will help you get properly hydrated.

Get outside. When the weather’s cold, it’s tempting to stay warm inside but we need exposure to natural light to boost our immune system, help us sleep better and make us happier. Just a few minutes a day adds up over the week.

Experiment with something new. It’s important to regularly challenge ourselves and to step outside our comfort zone. Nothing gives us more confidence than making ourselves do something that we didn’t think we could achieve. So if you’re nervous about enrolling into a new exercise class, take that leap! Don’t worry about not being fit enough. The class is there to help you become exactly that. If you want it, get it!

Speak positively. It’s easy to get caught up in a negative cycle of thinking and that’s when you’ll talk yourself out of a workout. Instead of saying, ‘I have to go to the gym’, say, ‘I want to go to the gym’. Positive self talk counts for nothing if you don’t believe what you’re telling yourself so start believing how amazing you are by giving yourself the advice you’d offer a best friend. If someone you loved was saying to you, ‘I’m rubbish at this’ or ‘I’m too scared to go to the gym’, how would you respond? Listen to your advice, then follow it!

Reframe your relationship with alcohol

Boozing might give you an instant switch-off feeling but it actually works against us in the long run by sometimes causing anxiety and disrupting our circadian rhythm, which affects our natural sleep cycle. When you’re tired, it’s hard to muster the motivation to exercise so cutting down on drinking, especially mid-week, is a sure fire ways to get into good fitness habits.

Meditate. If carving out half an hour to meditate sounds off-putting, just close your eyes, smile (this is important!) and take 15 really deep, slow breaths. You will instantly feel a sense of calm that changes what happens for the rest of your day. Try it at different times of day and see when it has the best effect. Repeat daily.

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