Gym Owner Monthly The world’s first fitness platform for Creators to get Subscribers & get Paid

FLOCK is taking working out at home to the next level, providing unlimited access to workouts anytime, anywhere. The first of its kind, people can subscribe to their favourite creators, influencers and fitness instructors. A new way for creators can earn money whilst working out with their monthly subscribers and make more money from other creators they invite. Released in batches to a limited number of users, FLOCK’s waitlist is now open.

Reimagining the relationship between fitness creators and their followers, FLOCK provides Creators the opportunity to add a new revenue stream, whether they already offer coaching, or online classes, or simply want to make money from their workout content. Creators can leverage existing content, front load work and earn a recurring income from it by setting up a subscription offering. FLOCK connects subscribers with exclusive access to an engaging workout experience with fitness instructors, influencers and personal trainers of your choice, so you can stay motivated and get creative one workout at a time.

The way we workout has changed forever.

You can now easily workout with the creators you love in one single platform. Benefit from working out anywhere, any time and at your own pace and in an affordable way. With access to unlimited video, workout routine info and details of any equipment needed, you can subscribe to one or multiple creators through the FLOCK app.

Co-founders James Dowell and Janaya Wilkins both turned to online workouts during lockdown last year. Seeing how the new normal of lockdowns and restrictions accelerated a move to working out online, they were inspired to create a platform specifically for fitness folks to inspire, motivate and train their following without all the pain of building their own app/payment platform.

”The year of 2020 saw gyms shut, fitness classes suspended and many people turning to online fitness. I have seen many in the industry struggling adapting to the changes enforced with the pandemic. We wanted to create something different, a brand that embodies bringing people together no matter where they are. FLOCK provides a smoother workout experience for all involved and a platform to connect individuals to their favourite creators.”

– James Dowell, Co-founder,

One of the most innovative apps coming out of 2021, FLOCK removes barriers for fitness instructors and takes the headache out of building their own fitness app.

Empowering fitness professionals to train a wider audience, FLOCK is reimagining how creators can connect with people in their home, enabling them to post workout videos to their subscribers and take payment all in one app.

Let’s face it, most of us workout and many of us are working out at home or the gym. What if creators could share their workouts to motivate others and earn money whilst doing it, all in one place? FLOCK enables creators to earn while they burn, this is an exciting opportunity to earn recurring income without having to rely on making money through brand sponsorship and partnerships.

With the opportunity to earn with no limits, creators can also earn from other creators they invite to join the platform, receiving a small share of their commission for the first year. FLOCK will take a small commission of 20% in order to survive and thrive.

FLOCK is currently invite-only and creators will need to join our waiting list for early access to be an exclusive founding Creator. We will then send you an invite code. Join the list here.

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