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For Beginners. For Experts. For Real People.

Smart Strength unlocks a new era of personalised workout experiences for all your members, combining effective exercises with a personalised, motivating user experience.

Personalised workouts for different experience levels instead of the same experience for everyone.

With “Auto” and the EGYM Curve, beginners work out safely, correctly and effectively.

With “Individual” and the EGYM Bar, advanced exercisers get stronger, faster and enjoy total freedom during their workouts.

Advanced training methods and programmes for more effective workouts than with traditional weights.

Effective monetisation opportunities for operators with Guest Mode, EGYM ID and EGYM+.

For a Truly Personalised Workout Experience


Personalised workout experiences for different user groups and experience levels. On the same machine. And on the same fitness floor. With EGYM Smart Strength, your members’ workouts can be customised to their needs, exciting beginners and experts alike with a unique user experience.

Two different workout modes

Tailor the workout to different needs on the same machine. Members of different experience levels get the right amount of guidance, motivation, and freedom – precisely tailored to their performance level.

With smarter training weights

Our training methods set new stimuli for a more differentiated and effective workout than conventional weights. Beginners choose from targeted training programmes that combine our smart weights with sports science findings. Experts set completely new stimuli for greater success and increased variance.

And motivating live feedback

Two different user interfaces, precisely tailored to different experience levels, motivate experts to achieve optimal performance and steady progression (EGYM Bar) or beginners to perform exercises correctly and safely (EGYM Curve).

Increases the Performance of Your Club and the Performance of Your Members

Our advanced training methods provide innovative weight profiles during each repetition for more efficient and effective workouts than with traditional weights.