From FIBO TV to Industry Insights: FIBO@business is brimming with content

Two days of talks broadcast from the FIBO TV studio, lectures, congresses and an online convention: boasting more than 180 sessions, 40 of them broadcast live, FIBO brings an extensive programme right into the WWW with its digital trade show. Also on offer will be English-language sessions. Numerous partners ranging from EuropeActive, BSA/DHfPG, the FitTech Summit and ECC Köln to international trade publications will be on board to provide the sector with the best possible information for business and continuous education after the lockdown. The focus will be on exchanging ideas on such topics as customer retention strategies, novel training concepts and innovations, international retail in the digital age and insights from digitalisation.

FIBO@business will take place on 1 and 2 October. The lectures delivered here are one of the three core offerings at this digital trade show: Content, Networking and the Brand Portal.  FIBO@home, which addresses general public visitors, will be held on Instagram on 3 October.

FIBO TV broadcast live 

Two live shows will be available for visitors. To this end FIBO will be broadcasting from the FIBO TV Studio in Cologne. FIBO TV particularly encompasses roundtable discussions on such topics as customer retention, physiotherapy and digitalisation. Amongst other speakers Valerie Bures Bönström, the founder of Fitnessspiegel VAHA as well as Ms Sporty and Pixformance, will take part in a live panel of the FitTech Summit FIBO Edition along with other renowned managers, explaining how the home-fitness business works and which risks and opportunities it brings for the traditional fitness industry. The importance of regeneration in sport and fitness, for performance development and a reduced risk of injuries, will be addressed by PD Dr. Felix Post (Sportärztezeitung), Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi (DAASM) & Dennis Jacobs, for example.

In the Industry Insights live segment partners from various countries will broadcast live panels on current issues in the industry.

Expert programme available on demand
With Product Innovations, Global Insights, the BSA Aufstiegskongress, FitTech Summit FIBO Edition, the ECC Köln, prevention, rehabilitation and therapy and the Rehasport Online Convention FIBO@business will offer a wide choice of on-demand content over the two days, which can be accessed flexibly around the clock.

In the “Product Innovations” segment exhibitors will present their trends and innovations. Furthermore, the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award winners will be presented. Partners and colleagues of the international FIBO Shows from China, Africa, the USA and South America will report on their respective regional fitness markets in the “Global Insights” segment while bringing high-calibre buyers from that region to the FIBO@business platform.

Visitors to FIBO@business will also have access to the content of the “Aufstiegskongresses der BSA/DHfPG” (Advancement Congress of BSA/German University for Prevention and Health Management). Here members of the fitness and health industries gather information on trends, developments, latest research findings and concepts from practitioners for practitioners every year. On offer will be an extensive programme revolving around training sciences, coaching, nutrition, management or such Corona-related topics as fitness levels as a prevention, crisis management or influencer & social-media marketing in times of crisis.

A glimpse into the future of the fitness industry

The FitTech Summit ( will bring insights from the rapidly growing FitTech industry to the virtual stage and show what the future will look like in terms of fitness and healthy lifestyle. Spectators will be able to benefit from the expertise and insider know-how of leading experts, founders and top-notch managers. Topics here will focus on the future of the industry over the next 3 to 5 years including the impacts of the pandemic on digitalisation, trends like home fitness, VR, the quantification of training data and novel fitness concepts, to name but a few. Joining the fray will be Craig J. Miller, Chief Digital Officer at Planet Fitness. He will reveal how the company built up a cross-cutting data management system over the past few years and explain the role data will play for the user journey in future. Even the “Fitness Content Pope” from the USA, Mason Bendewald, will be part of the game. He is the mastermind behind the successful coaching programme P90X and consults fit-tech start-ups in terms of content. Furthermore, in an interview founder Hap Klopp (The North Face) will share his views on why he believes DNA tests will take well-being to the next level.

With a programme specifically designed for FIBO@business, ECC Köln will present leading sports article manufacturers, webshops and industry experts on the virtual stage – live and on demand on all days of the trade show. The lectures will present case studies of known industry players covering such topics as Social Media and flagging up concrete approaches for national and international retail in the digital age. The line-up includes football club 1. FC Köln, eBay, Sportmarken 24, shopware and many other interesting brands and speakers. Forming part of the IFH Köln, ECC Köln is the first “port of call” for trends and developments in the digital retail world.

The comprehensive Health Programme presented at FIBO@business in cooperation with partners and speakers creates a platform for knowledge transfer and continuous education in the fields of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Therapy. In over 25 lectures therapeutic expertise will be conveyed, business cases worked out and the areas of regeneration in sport and fitness and corporate health management put under the microscope. Highlight subjects include instrument-based myo-fascial treatment technologies, basic knowledge and therapy for tension headaches and migraine, sports nutrition, the status quo in training and therapy, Best Practice for corporate health management as well as opportunities and challenges in stress management. One of the highlights is the talk by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter on “Sports Nutrition, Status Quo in Training and Therapy”, which is of interest to fitness professionals in all areas.

Also forming part of FIBO@business is the Rehasport Convention organised by DFAV and RehaVitalis. This is about innovative concepts for systematic and optimal implementation in health sports. All products and services are explicitly geared to rehabilitation and health-promoting sports applications.

European Health and Fitness Forum

“Where do we go from here?” This question will be centre stage at this year’s EHFF to be held as a hybrid event live from Cologne and on the web one day before FIBO@business. Magnus Lindkvist, a world-famous futurologist, will share his ideas with listeners in his keynote speech entitled “The Future Now”. The “old future” has disappeared since the harsh lockdown cutbacks and the fitness industry is now looking for new horizons. How can the industry think strategically in these tactical times? With a “Future-Back” approach Lindkvist will elucidate why all things long-term are easier to forecast than short-term developments, how most industries tackle digitalisation the wrong way and why ‘future’ should be thought as a verb rather than a noun.

The impressive line-up of speakers at the EHFF 2020 also includes Rene Moos, CEO of Basic-Fit, Utku Toprakseven, partner for 4Global, Natalia Kurbasova, CEO of FitTech Company, Karsten Hollasch of Deloitte, Nerio Alessandri, President of Technogym and Humphrey Cobbold, CEO of the Pure Gym Group, Cecilie Elde, CFO of SATS, Stefan Tilk, CEO of Anytime Fitness Germany and David Stalker, President of EuropeActive. The Forum will again be facilitated by Herman Rutgers.

Participation in FIBO@business 

Tickets for FIBO@business are available at no charge for all visitors at Information and tickets for EHFF are available at