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Gold’s Gym, Glendale, California, has partnered with Escape Fitness to create an eye-catching,
Olympic lifting centre piece in its gym by installing a standout Octagon Frame. With state-of-the-art
facilities to suit every fitness ability and exercise preference, the team is dedicated to bringing the
latest fitness methods and workouts to its 1500 members.
Troy Richardson, VP of Fitness Services, Gold’s Gym Socal Group explains: “Gold’s Gym Glendale is
about serious fitness. Our member base is passionate about fitness and wants to be able to lift
heavy, using the best equipment.
“The Gold’s Gym Glendale team decided to redevelop the centre of the gym after receiving ongoing
feedback that members wanted more functional training options. “The Escape Fitness Octagon
frame is perfect! It takes up a small footprint, but gives maximum impact, with a lot of members
able to work out in a relatively small space. The heart of Gold’s Gym is having that functional
platform so the Octagon frame is now an absolute go-to for our members!”
What started out in 1965 as a small gym in Venice Beach, California, has since become one of the
most well-known gym chains in the world, now an iconic global fitness brand with over 600
franchisee locations spanning 6 continents. With a history steeped in bodybuilding, Olympic lifting
and strength and conditioning, it has always been essential that the best-in-class equipment is
installed to meet the high expectations from its members.
“Our members are looking for functionality and top of the range equipment” adds Jason Tayor, VP of
Facilities at Gold’s Gym Socal Group. “The customer service and support that I got from the Escape
Fitness team was second to none. They were there through the whole process, no matter what. If
you are looking for strong equipment that's built to last, the possibilities are endless when it comes
to Escape Fitness’ equipment. It has been a great investment.”
The unique design of the Escape Octagon frame range means that the functional fitness training
frames offer unrivalled flexibility and an engaging workout experience. The frames can be bought as
off-the-shelf versions, or as bespoke customised designs to perfectly suit the unique layout and
needs of any training environments or member demands.
AJ Sandoval, General Manager, Gold’s Gym Glendale, adds: “We have a lot of members who come
here to do power lifting workouts, so the Octagon frame was the best thing we could have installed
to maximise that central space in the gym. Our members and trainers love it, and all four squat racks
are regularly in use. It stands out, is perfect for our membership base and has added a new depth to
our training offer.”
“Our Octagon functional training frames are totally versatile so they can maximise underused
corners and wall spaces or in this case, become a show-stopping focus for any gym floor.” Explains

Matthew Januszek, Co-Founder of Escape Fitness. “Gold’s Gym is renowned for attracting
bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzeneger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbo, and the team
have always sought out the latest in leading functional equipment to inspire, engage and motivate
future greats.”
“The Octagon Frame at Gold’s Gym Glendale is a central, functional fitness area that draws the eye
as soon as you walk through the door. The members pushed for it, and we’ve helped them deliver.
The frame is constantly in use, proving hugely popular with staff and members. The frame will stand
the test of time, even the heavy-duty usage it’s currently getting!”
For more information on how Escape could transform your space into a fully immersive functional
training space, visit