Harlands/ Active Points partnership

Data Insights Module

Some additional data features have been enabled for Harlands Group customers participating in the Active Points incentives and rewards programme. In addition to the daily and weekly activity dashboards, gym members can also access monthly progress and comparison activity data displayed in their AP member dashboard.

The data insights module also provides gym owners with valuable overviews of their member’s in-gym and external activity not usually tracked by gym operators. This functionality delivers gym operators with valuable member activity information that can be used to engage with their members and develop ongoing relationships with the membership.

Quote: Niall Jordan CEO Active Points

“The Data insights module allows members to visualise their progress in their fitness journey and provides gym operators with ongoing opportunities to positively engage with their members making gym memberships more relevant to a member’s fitness journey both at and away from the gym”

Quote: Sarah Pearce, Head of Account Management, Harlands Group

“Positively rewarding members for physical activity adds a further dimension to their experience with our clients. For our clients it is an additional way of retaining members, extending the lifespan and reducing the number of cancellations due to not being able to visit the facility. It adds so much more for both our clients and their members.”

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About Active Points

Activpoints UK has partnerships with Garmin, Fitbit and Global retail and experience provider brands and are specialist in creating wellness incentives and motivational programmes utilising real-time data activity.

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