Home Workouts

Erick Hudson is a CF-L2 Trainer based out of San Diego, California who has been teaching the CrossFit methodology every day for 6 years. Over the span of those years, he has worked with a wide aray of individuals ranging from young teens looking to become better at their school sports, competitive athletes looking to maximize their athletic potential, all the way to senior citizens looking to fight off the assisted living homes. With each new member joining the gym and asking the same routine questions like, ” How do I get butterfly pull ups” or ” What are some clean tips to help me hit a new PR”, Erick decided to create Constantly Varied Fitness.

The reason Erick became a CrossFit trainer is due to his love for helping other’s become better versions of themselves. That’s why creating a YouTube channel in order to reach as many people as possible and help them during their fitness journyies only made since. CVF is a meme page on Instagram making his following of 70+ thousand people laugh every day, but on YouTube, is a source of all and everything functional fitness and health related. You’ll find things such as rope climb techniques, how to improve your Olympic lifts, the principles of CrossFit Programming, and much more.

Due to the current situation troubling the entire world, forcing people to limit their time spent outside and with others, Erick saw the fitness community hurting due to them not being able to go to the gym and do what they love. He quickly started to produce videos of workouts people can perform at home with only a set of dumbbells, or if they have absolutely nothing, a backpack with some heavy books loaded in it. Even though the channel doesn’t have a huge subscription base, the videos are all receiving several hundred views a day and receiving lots of positive feedback. Check out the videos and give the workouts a try, or use them as inspiration to create a version of your own.

Backpack Workouts

30 Exercises you can do with just a backpack to create a full body workout


An effective upper body workout that will pump your muscles up fast!


Dumbbell Workouts

Grab your dumbbells for a 15 minute AMRAP that will get your heart rate up quick


Test your grip and grit with this difficult dumbbell complex


Need a serious sweat? This workout can make that happen.


This chipper workout is no joke and will have the muscles burning


Body weight Workouts

No equipment? No problem. Here’s a bodyweight EMOM workout to get your body moving


Follow Erick’s channels for lots of content to entertain, and provide knowledge during this time being spent in doors. Feel free to reach out to him at constantlyvariedfitness@gmail.com for any questions you have.