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How Exercise Can Help Your Child Manage Their ADHD

If your child struggles with ADHD, there are ways besides prescription medication you and your family can provide support. One of the best forms of therapy for a kid with ADHD is physical activity. Kids with ADHD need to activate their minds and bodies to help manage some of their stressors and challenges. In the spring, you and your child can participate in physical activities outdoors for ADHD management.


Spending time outside provides multiple benefits to both children and adults. Being outside offers a boost of Vitamin D from the sun, which helps with immunity and mood. Exercising also increases your production of happy endorphins, which also help with mood. There are also links to improvements in anxiety, depression and ADHD symptoms in Adult Men & Women  if they spend time outdoors and have a consistent exercise routine.


There are different ways to treat ADHD, such as  ADHD products for both adults  and children , therapy and physical activity. Work with your child to choose exercise activities that you both love. There are lots of opportunities to exercise in the spring when the weather warms up. Mix it up and offer different activities for your child each week to help maintain a healthy body. Here are some ideas:


Spring is the perfect season to get your bikes on the road. Taking a bike ride with your child is a great way to enjoy the weather and see the outdoors. Choose paved trails or wooded areas with kid-friendly bike paths.


One of the best natural forms of ADHD medications for adults with anxiety is nature. Going outside and experiencing the wonder of nature could help diminish symptoms of anxiety and depression. Pick a hiking trail to explore nature in your area.


Take your kids on their next adventure at the local playground. Explore different playgrounds in your area to promote social interactions with other kids and problem-solving skills. Encourage your kids to run, climb and play on the playground equipment.


Kids with ADHD may also enjoy playing impromptu games of tag with their friends. Help your child organize a game of tag with the local neighborhood kids or siblings. This is a great way to let off steam and get some of that hyperactive energy out that may be present with an ADHD diagnosis.


Spring is also the season for some popular team youth sports. Sign your child up for sports teams, such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse or flag football. Playing sports on a team helps improve social skills and physical coordination. Your ADHD child may also thrive in a team sports environment. This can be great for building confidence and self-esteem.
It’s important for parents to help their ADHD child grow and find success in life. When the weather is nice, parents can take advantage of the variety of opportunities for exercise and physical activities in the spring. Children with ADHD can experience many benefits from outdoor activities and exercise.