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How to get children active, as exercise levels ‘remain concerning’ post-pandemic

Chlidren spend more time sitting during the week compared to before the pandemic, a new study suggests.
The amount of time children spend sedentary during the week is 13 minutes longer each day compared to pre-pandemic, academics at the University of Bristol found.
They said that this increased level of inactivity is “concerning”.
 Experts examined the physical activity levels of Year 6 pupils – those aged 10 and 11 – before the pandemic, during restrictions and again once restrictions were lifted.
The new study, published in the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, saw experts examine accelerometer data of pupils and their parents in the Bristol area.
This could even be a chance for you all to learn a new skill together – but even if you’re just shouting from the sidelines or being a glorified taxi service ferrying them to and from a class, you’ll all get something out of it.
Learning new skills can be really motivating, and it’ll help their social skills too. Plus, being able to share the experience with you and tell you all about it will be a boost all round.