In a bid to create an environment where individuals from the physical activity sector can come together to share expertise, insight and learnings, Alina Cooper, Founder at FitLinks, and Guy Griffiths, Founder at GGFit have launched The Collective.

Guy Griffiths explains: “The purpose of The Collective is to share, collaborate and grow with our members to help enrich the fitness industry. The club is aimed at individuals and SMEs who appreciate the value in open dialogue with other professionals across a range of disciplines and levels of expertise.

“Membership is free and day to day communication will take place on facebook, supported by regular face to face ‘meet ups’. Whilst members are encouraged to exploit the rich pool of information on offer, they are also encouraged to actively participate, bringing their own expertise to the table. The Collective only works if all members are prepared to give as well as take. “

Search for The Collective on facebook and apply to join the group, or click the link below.

Each week, a member of The Collective will deliver an educational video or webinar, creating a wealth of information and insight across a broad range of topics for the benefit of other members. There will also be open discussion groups and opportunities to seek advice from other members, creating a valuable network for any individual seeking support and insight in a very fast evolving industry.

Alina Cooper, adds: “I believe ‘together we can achieve more’. The Collective provides a means of bringing people together with a common goal of sharing information for the greater good of the sector.”

To find out more about The Collective, visit