Gym and fitness clichés out… It’s time to do better.

Fitness e-magazine titles are everywhere, but nobody’s backing entrepreneurs and business owners on the frontline of fitness like this. With its back catalogue of free magazines online, Gym Owner Monthly Magazine is committed to supporting everyone involved in the health, wellness, fitness, sport and activity sector around the world. So what’s the difference? We’re doing it solely for the gym owners.

Gym owners are at the heart of everything we need within fitness and physical activity. They’re at the centre of communities, risking it all as entrepreneurs, and building businesses that make a difference to people’s lives. They’re leading teams and showing their gym members how to overcome challenges and achieve any goal. It’s time someone looked after them. Subscribe for free.

What’s in the magazine?

  • Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners, sharing their insight and advice.
  • The latest fitness equipment innovations and product news.
  • Supporting articles on how to look after members and provide for any gym community.
  • How to hire and retain staff within a gym or fitness facility.
  • Developments in digital fitness, software and following trends for the future.
  • More content and creative approaches from a professional writing team around the world.

Subscribe for free today. If you’re a gym owner looking to share your story, get in touch for free promotion and support. For advertising enquiries, download our media pack.

Through the good times and the challenging ones, we’re working hard every day to give you a bigger and better magazine, and we will continue to do so.

Thank you for being a part of the Gym Owner Monthly Magazine community.

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