Gym Owner Monthly


  • Motivating everyone to get moving this January, JOHN REED is offering new members their first three months free. 
  • From Boxing to Inferno Pilates, Jazz Barre, Rocket Yoga and more, JOHN REED’s epic class schedule has something for every kind of fitness enthusiast. 
  • More than just a gym, JOHN REED is a Fitness Music Club offering an unforgettable workout experience fusing fitness, music, fashion, art and more.

Berlin’s famous and finest fitness export JOHN REED is on a mission to motivate Londoners to be more active in 2022 and has revealed a new non-stop schedule of group fitness classes for 2022 which includes Box Endurance, Inferno Pilates, Jazz Barre, Rocket Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates and more. January 2022 is the perfect time to create positive fitness habits and get back in the gym.

Having launched in September 2021 with an incredible 2000 square metre studio, large functional group training space, boxing arena, PT area, free weights and equipment by international and premium brand Gym80, its very own Hot Yoga and Pilates studio, sauna and more, JOHN REED represents a tale of two cities, fusing Berlin and London music, fashion, street art and design and fitness to offer an incredible workout experience – with beats to match.

For Boxing fans, Box Skills will take place in JOHN REED’s very own Boxing Arena, focussing on footwork, punches, combinations and movements to help participants develop the skills, speed and power of a Boxer. Whether you are a newbie looking to learn the basics, or an avid gym goer wanting to lift heavier, new Lift Fundamentals will focus on the progression and technique of the individual with a 30 minute lifting class.