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Let’s HUSTLE! A High-Energy Studio Shakes Up The Urban Fitness Landscape

Some of the most commonly sought after New Year’s Resolutions fall under the fitness umbrella. Thanks to modern TikTok trends and progressive workout concepts––wait, working out can be fun?––new hope can be restored to those looking to get fit in 2024. One brand leading the way? HUSTLE, a fitness concept known for its signature high-energy cycling and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 
Located in Amazon’s expansive new Arlington Headquarters, HUSTLE’s flagship property curates an inviting, inclusive atmosphere that encourages patrons to form authentic connections within the community beyond each workout. Designed by Washington D.C.-based firm //3877, here are some space highlights:
  • The lounge purposefully curates a social environment, encouraging fellow class members to mingle and decompress amongst themselves. 
  • Patrons will find the heart of HUSTLE, both literally and metaphorically to the left of the studio’s hallway: the cycling studio. //3877 played with lighting techniques in the room to establish the instructor as a focal point, further accentuating the eyeline by placing them on a raised platform in the front of the class.
  • Color-changing tape is placed behind the studio’s mirrors, adding a touch of vibrancy to the overall experience of each class. 
  • The HIIT space, located behind the cycling studio, is a more open environment, allowing attendees to take on a free workout pattern. 
  • The color accent on the upper walls blends into the ceiling, making the room feel more expansive and creating the perception of a space in which people can build upon their workouts. 
The first HUSTLE location represents the core of its ethos, materializing an environment that facilitates group exercise powering the mind and body. Photo Credit: 
From the exciting use of color and texture in every room to the quirky phrases spelled in purple along the bathroom tiles, HUSTLE encourages moments of connection and fun supplemented by its variety of class offerings.