Matrix Fitness have launched MX4 Active, an expansion of their small group training solution, based on scientifically validated research to target the ageing population and the de-conditioned.

Steve Barrett, Director of Global Education and Training explains: “The ageing population in the UK is rapidly increasing, and this group is also largely inactive. The fitness industry needs to do what it can to target and encourage this group.”

“We developed MX4 Active to effectively connect with those with a lower baseline fitness. Special considerations were made to ensure the programme can serve the needs of older individuals and the de-conditioned, blending cardio-based modalities with functional training to support improvements.”

MX4 Active aims to ease the transition to an active lifestyle by including movements that are low in impact, yet develop coordination, balance, flexibility and skeletal and muscular strength.

Both MX4 and MX4 Active have similar programming features such as periodisation, the equipment and weekly structures but they key differences are the coaching style and the portfolio of exercises.

“Trainers of MX4 Active need to be empathetic and reassuring in their delivery. Calm, clear and unrushed instructions paired with physical demonstrations.” Barrett continues. “You cannot be the same trainer you are when training a 20-year old, trainers need to adapt to their audience so that they can relate to different abilities and ages authentically.”

“From our research, the ageing population prefer familiarity to their workouts, not variety. We therefore focus on a ‘learn it, then work it’ practice which builds confidence. Members acclimatise to the exercises and movement patterns before increasing intensity. Overall, we have changed the environment, the experience and the stimulus to engage in the process.

Incorporating Matrix-exclusive equipment including the Connexus Functional Training System, S-Drive Performance Trainer, Rower and Krankcycle, MX4 Active leverages these versatile, low-impact tools so that participants of any ability can take on weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities whilst a variety of attachment points on the Connexus accommodate a wide range of accessories and training modalities.

MX4 Active is an ideal addition to facility timetables, helping older and less fit members form a habit of exercise. Programming can be modified to fit members with different limitations and scaled to accommodate large groups. 

MX4 Active is now available across the UK. To find out more visit