Brits resolve to try mindful exercise and love their bodies – whatever their size


With the Christmas festivities complete and thoughts turning to the new year, New Year’s resolutions are front of mind for many.  New research released today by Fusion Lifestyle, the UK’s leading sports and leisure charity, reveals the impact the new decade is having on the resolutions we might be considering.


Surveying 4,000 members across the UK, the research revealed that a quarter (26%) of Brits usually make resolutions, but with the dawn of a new decade, this is set to rise as 40% of us are now planning to welcome 2020 with resolutions, with the number climbing even further with 26% still deciding.


The new decade looks set to bring fresh determination with it too, with over a third (39%) believing that the significance of the new year will make them stick to resolutions for longer than they usually would. 


And it’s not just the number of us making resolutions and the length of time we think we’ll keep them that’s changing either.  More than one in ten (16%) think it will impact on the type of resolutions they make too.


Getting fitter (36%) and losing weight (29%) used to top the charts of resolutions respondents usually make, but when asked what resolutions they might consider at the start of 2020; trying more mindful exercise was the most popular at 29% followed by 21% planning to take up a completely different activity than they’ve never done before and 14% even resolving to love their body whatever their size. 


Kenna Sugrue, of Fusion Lifestyle, said: “New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to kick start the year and return to fitness.  Exercising releases endorphins that help with mindfulness so it’s a great way to improve both mental and physical health. Whether your goal is to get fit, stay fit or even try a completely new way to exercise, our centres are kitted out with all the latest equipment and facilities to ensure there is something to appeal to everyone.”


If you need help with your own resolutions visit and sign up for a free one day pass to your nearest centre where staff will be on hand to help you achieve your 2020 goals.