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Olympian Sharron Davies Launches Online Exercise Programme

Ex-Gladiator and Olympic medalist available for interview.

New website:

OLYMPIAN Sharron Davies has launched a new health and fitness programme to help people of all ages and abilities in the wake of Covid.

The new website will go live in January 2022 and access to the programme will cost less than a cup of coffee a week.

People are also being offered the chance to buy one and donate one subscription to charity.

Sharron Davies said: “It’s been an incredibly difficult last two years. People have stopped going to the gym, had to work from home and at one point it seemed our only enjoyment was cooking a more exciting meal. Sadly statistics show us that we have put on weight and the grind of negative news and tough times have caused apathy and certainly increased mental health issues.

“The one thing Covid has taught us is that a healthy body has a better chance against infection and we all can make a difference but we have to start somewhere.

“After 40 years in and around international sport, as ITVs Gladiator Amazon and now as qualified PT exercise has seen me though motherhood, work challenges, serious injury and some extremely tough times. Its also kept me in my jeans and given me confidence. The benefits to mental health of exercise are often hugely under estimated.

“I decided I wanted to find a way I could help as many people as possible to benefit from exercise in the simplest way possible.

“I’ve developed an online program where just 4 times a week for 15 minuets, a total of just 1 hour, for the price of a cup of coffee, anyone can workout with me, using great explanation graphics and a count down clocks. It had to be easy to follow, for absolutely everyone even if you’ve not been off the sofa in ages, needing no equipment and the least amount of time possible, because either we are time poor or in fact just don’t enjoy exercise but know we ought to do some.

“It takes about 3 months to make or break a habit so that’s the starting point. A work out a month with support from Sharron Davies Challenges, tips and hints on motivation and nutrition, advice on how to make long term goals with little changes that all add up to a healthier life.”

The online training programme is designed for all ages and abilities and people are being offered the opportunity to buy sessions and donate one to charity too as part of Sharron’s exclusive buy one, gift one initiative. The free subscriptions will be donated to various charities including Shelter, Women’s Aid and Refuge.

“I am incredibly proud of buy 1 gift 1 and hopefully this will help those at a crisis point in their lives to have the opportunity to exercise with me and support both their physical and mental wellbeing, together with workouts and helpful hints and tips.”