Hampers for Heroes joins forces with Athlete Media Group (AMG) to give thanks to our national heroes with a social media campaign, to boost well-being and continue to promote unity across the nation.

Hampers for Heroes, an initiative formed in the West Midlands, has reached over 17,000 health and social care workers with ‘thank-you packages’. Staff in hospitals and care homes, as well as health workers who are self-isolating, have been surprised with personalised care packages, containing gifts and notes of thanks from the community.

Hampers for Heroes was set up just 9 weeks ago to show thankfulness to health and social workers across the region for the heroic work they are doing every day. The founders of the initiative want to continue to show their support to our nation’s heroes with a social media campaign that unites the nation even further. The AMG partnership will see current and retired athletes from a wide array of sports share their messages of thanks by video across social media.

Victoria Hanson, co-founder of Hampers for Heroes commented: “The whole country was involved in the doorstep clap on a Thursday evening during the pandemic, and we want this unity to remain. We recognise the significant and long-lasting impact the pandemic could have on the well-being of our health and social care workers, so we want to continue showing our support. Hampers for Heroes and Athlete Media have created a #ThankYouHeroes campaign for everyone to send their thanks”.

Mark Middlemas, CEO & Founder of AMG said: “The Athlete Media Group (AMG) are huge supporters of the Hampers for Heroes initiative. Our athletes were thrilled to learn of the #ThankYouHeroes campaign, and only too happy to send their personal thanks to some of the frontline workers who played a significant role in their lockdown. We want to spread unity, positivity and of course, our sincere thanks to all of those who helped us get through this as a nation. We can’t thank you enough”.

To get involved in the campaign, simply post on your Twitter or Instagram channel using the #ThankYouHeroes tag and give thanks to the heroes that helped you see the light.

The personal videos that have been received so far by stars such as Azeem Amir, Verity Smith, Marlie Packer and Martin Perry can be viewed here:

Hampers for Heroes continues to raise money via its Gofundme page, of which 100% goes towards running the good cause and purchasing items for the hampers.

For more information on Hampers for Heroes visit: Facebook and Twitter.