Premier Global NASM Launches New Nutrition Certification

To help fitness professionals deliver effective, scientifically-based nutrition information to sit alongside individualised coaching plans, Premier Global NASM has developed the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC) program.

“As central government directs more people to fitness facilities as part of a ‘prevention rather than cure’ health care strategy, there is growing pressure on fitness professionals to provide evidence-based strategies on nutrition as well as exercise,” says Brad Tucker, Managing Director of Premier Global NASM. “Both consumers and fitness professionals face a confusing minefield of information when it comes to nutrition, making it very difficult to decipher truth from myth.”

The new education programme, developed over several years, reflects input from more than 20 experts in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, physiology, psychology and behaviour change, marrying scientific findings with real-life implementation techniques. Content is categorised into three sections: Nutritional Science, Behaviour Change Strategies and Nutrition Coaching and teaches how to apply individualised nutrition coaching, taking into consideration a vast array of dietary needs.”

Tucker continues: “Every individual has a unique dietary requirement determined by living environment, religion, allergies and ethnic food preferences. The course empowers both fitness professionals and everyday wellness seekers committed to healthier lifestyles with the tools to reach their goals. Student success is central to the design of the course which consists of 24 chapters with 45 lecture videos, quizzes, a practice exam, and a final exam. The program is 100% digital and works on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.”

To enable students to fit learning around their busy lives, content is delivered via Premier Global NASM’s interactive training platform. Working with multimedia designers, Premier Global NASM has created an instructional experience that is fun, engaging, and immersive to promote learning enjoyment.

The NASM Certified Nutrition Coach will be available for booking in October 2019. For more information visit