Protein at its best with the “fastest scrambled egg in the world”

FIBO 2019: SCRAEGG convinced the fitness world with its natural alternative to protein shakes and co. – Small meals in seconds – no kitchen required

Wiesloch/Germany, April 2019: The start-up SCRAEGG presented its innovative system for the preparation of scrambled eggs in seconds at FIBO in Cologne (4 to 7 April). Thanks to SCRAEGG, fitness studios can now offer their clients a warm, tasty and natural protein kick – without the need for a kitchen, pan or fat. At the booth the quick and easy steam preparation process was on show, with numerous variants of SCRAEGG flavors available for tasting.

The SCRAEGG system consists of a stylish unit with high performance steam nozzle. This heats the egg odourlessly to 96 degrees in a matter of seconds, and ensures a fluffy-creamy consistency with lots of volume. The compact and easy-to-clean device makes preparation as safe as it is hygienic, and requires no specially trained personnel – anyone can operate the appliance after a short briefing.

Variety comes in the form of different savoury flavors, created by a star chef and made predominantly from natural ingredients. In addition, the fast scrambled egg is also a great source of protein, with a content of 30 per cent. It can be prepared with liquid or fresh egg.

Ideal for after-work training
Using the same appliance it is also possible to prepare small meals. So now gyms have a solution for clients who train straight after work and want to replenish their energy reserves quickly, and in the most delicious way. The SCRAEGG system works perfectly with soups, porridges or lunch cups, for example, using mashed potatoes or quinoa, as a creative addition to a balanced nutrition plan.

Focus on sustainability
The company, based in Heidelberg, manufactures its equipment exclusively in Germany and focuses on high quality and sustainability for its fast meals. For on-the-go consumption, SCRAEGG provides its customers with fully compostable cups and cutlery – in a matching design. Florian Hofbauer and Andreas Leonhard, founders of the young company: “SCRAEGG stands for Sports Nutrition 2.0: For sports enthusiasts, it provides a delicious extra portion of protein; studio bosses can offer their clients an easy and appealing alternative to protein bars or drinks. Thus, SCRAEGG closes a real gap in the market. The first devices are already in use in fitness studios in southern Germany – and with great success. The overwhelming feedback we received not only from professionals but also from consumers during the event is proof that we are on a good path with launching a smaller device for private use in early 2020.”

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SCRAEGG GmbH was founded in 2018 by Florian Hofbauer and Andreas Leonhard and is based in Wiesloch near Heidelberg/Germany. There, the company develops and produces SCRAEGG appliances with the steam system for which a patent has been filed, and the seasoning mixtures are also created here. The company currently employs around 40 people. The products are mainly sold in Germany and Scandinavia, but demand is also increasing in many other countries, so that the company can record strong growth.

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