8 December 2020: PT Academy, Europe’s leading and largest fitness education company is joining forces with Tanita, world leaders in body composition monitoring equipment to develop an unprecedented body composition course.

The first international course of its kind and available exclusively to qualified personal trainers. Fitness professionals can now lead the pack in applying an innovative approach in helping their clients reach their ultimate health and fitness potential. Alongside learning how to build body composition analysis into their business plan and positively impacting recruitment and retention. 

Combining Tanita’s extensive expertise and leadership in providing world leading body composition technology equipment and PT Academy’s innovative approach in creating the new wave of elite personal trainers, the course will provide personal trainers and fitness professionals with knowledge, skills and edge to take their client’s progression to the next level.

Tracking body composition has garnered massive interest in recent years, in particular within the fitness industry and the technology is now prevalent in hundreds of facilities. 

Through accurate measurement and tracking of changes in fat, muscle and water, health and fitness professionals can provide effective interventions for the success of a training or nutritional programme for themselves and their clients. Understanding how the technology works and the importance of metrics such as these in the process of achieving one’s goals is paramount to developing the ideal body composition for your health, fitness or sport. This exclusive course will cover all elements of body composition analysis, from how the technology works to how you can utilise the many clinical and medical applications with a range whole of clients.  


PT Academy focuses on providing expert education to personal trainers and is the only fitness education company to use active personal trainers as part of its delivery team. Tanita will work with PT Academy to extend its scientific approach to body composition testing with leading-edge science.


Simon Wilkinson, Sport and Fitness lead for Tanita said: “Body composition analysis is now more prevalent than ever within the fitness industry, but the knowledge of how the technology works and how to get the most out of it as a health and fitness professional, has until now, been unavailable. Tanita wanted to work with another world leading provider in developing the most comprehensive and thought-provoking range of courses for the health and fitness industry.”

Adam Kiani, founder and CEO of PT Academy, commented: “Personal training is about education, motivation and achievement – once you understand your client’s body you can work smarter, not harder, to get the best results with the right exercise and nutrition. We are committed to being pioneers in personal training and Tanita’s body composition science and related testing is a massive step forward in first-class training.”

To celebrate the new partnership, PT Academy and Tanita are excited to give away a place on the exclusive limited number course (worth £999) and a home use body composition scale to one lucky reader. 

All you need to do to enter is:

Follow PT Academy @ptacademy and Tanita on Instagram and direct message to @ptacademy quoting “TANITATOWINIT”. You will then be entered into a draw and the Winner will be notified via Instagram on the 31st December 2020.