Renaissance Triathlete – A Compelling Tale of Sport After 70

Scottish triathlete Douglas Wood is pleased to annouce the launch of his new book. If you would like a review copy or to speak to Douglas, please let me know.

Perfectly encapsulates the thrill, excitement and healthier happier lifestyle delivered through sport, at any age.

(Graham Coull, the ‘voice’ of triathlon in Scotland)

What’s it like to compete in triathlons at the age of 70 and beyond?

In Renaissance Triathlete, 74-year-old Douglas Wood – who has competed in triathlons around the world – uses numerous anecdotes from his sporting career to explore everything from tactics to equipment, mindset to injuries.

In sharing his journey, he unpacks an inspiring message for athletes of all disciplines: whatever your ability or experience, it’s possible to look ahead, keep going and enjoy sport. With a foreword by multiple medallist Alistair Brownlee, Douglas’ story demonstrates that true enjoyment of sport is gained from doing the best possible within the context of your capabilities.

“I never thought I’d be running at 70 – but I never believed I couldn’t. Such thoughts simply hadn’t occurred to me. As you get older you can’t avoid slowing down, but you can influence the rate at which the slowing occurs. It’s about how you adapt with age. Learning how to get the best out of your changing capabilities.

Participation in sport leads me to places I wouldn’t normally have cause to visit and into the paths of those I wouldn’t otherwise come across.”

“This book is a reflection of my experiences as an older athlete, after four seasons of triathlons in my 70s. It addresses the physical and mental challenges encountered through ageing, dealing with setbacks and compensating for slowing down in some areas by making improvements in others.”

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