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ROUND11, a new concept launched in Amsterdam which combines boxing, strength training and mindfulness, has partnered with FunXtion, experts in interactive digital fitness to enhance its in-club experience.


To create a wraparound, in-club member experience Round11 has installed the white-labelled FunXtion Multiscreen concept to offer visual exercise guidance during classes as well as the FunXtion Workout Creator to give each trainer the power to tailor their own workout programming.


Brent Bakker, Managing Director and co-founder of Round11, comments: “Boxing is not only a physical workout, but also one for the mind. It is one of the most healing activities out there which is why we have focussed our offering on the unique combination of three elements; boxing, strength and mindfulness”


From extensive research from other countries, including the UK and the US, Bakker learnt how important it was going to be for the ROUND11 launch to have classes supported with a digital, visual guidance solution.


“At first, our trainers were curious about the integration of the visual guidance.” Bakker adds. “But they soon saw the value it could provide in a class setting, giving them more time to guide the class and members have found the new install innovative, a concept they haven’t seen anywhere else within a boxing workout.”


ROUND11 has been created as a ‘two zone’ club, a blue and a red zone, blue representing strength and HIIT training and the red zone for boxing. FunXtion multiscreens face each station within these zones so that members have a clear view of the planned workout.


With a unique offering, ROUND11 boasts a blend of ‘badass and soulful’ energy, and the FunXtion workout creator gives the team the ability to design workouts that are perfect for each class and for each individual by using the vast library of exercises and workouts to define their own style and intensity level.

“We believe it’s important to transform the things that hold you against the ropes into something positive and powerful.” Brent adds. “Through what has been a difficult year for us all, ROUND11 is set to provide the perfect trinity of high intensity boxing, strength but also mindfulness and breathing exercises to focus on the importance of mental health. Fitness is a balance, and FunXtion have helped us achieve this within our club setting with their interactive solutions.”


Mendel Witzenhausen, CTO at FunXtion adds: “Brent and the ROUND11 team are innovators, keen to pioneer new ways to keep their brand in the forefront of fitness offerings. They have placed the members at the centre of their fitness solutions and in doing so have really enhanced the experience of every person who walks through the door.”


ROUND11 will soon be opening its second site on Rozengracht in Amsterdam. For more information about ROUND11 visit or to find out more about FunXtion visit