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SafeACTiVE Study: Data collection for second cycle in progress

EuropeActive is pleased to announce that a second cycle of the SafeACTiVE Study is currently being developed with the aim of analysing the levels of COVID-19 transmission risk in fitness clubs and leisure facilities. With more than 115 million visits analysed across 14 European countries, the average transmission rate sat at 1.12 per 100.000 visits, according to the previous SafeACTiVE Study published in December 2020. To access the full report, click here

The updated version, commissioned by EuropeActive’s Research Centre THINK Active, will include data from the SafeACTiVE survey platform and the ukactive Research Institute collected over a 9-month period starting in January 2021. Data collection methods and information used are consistent with findings from public health authorities.

The SafeACTiVE Study aims to ensure that our sector possesses the right evidence-based arguments to document our facilities’ safety and low Covid-19 risk in order to mitigate the public health concerns of both users and members. It also represents an essential tool for keeping our physical facilities and places of business open to avoid the additional negative health impact caused by physical inactivity during any future outbreaks of infectious diseases.

European health club operators are encouraged to contribute to the report by submitting reliable data on a weekly basis from when they reopened their facilities and services in 2021 via the link below:

Head of THINK Active Prof. Alfonso Jimenez said: “We are very keen to monitor and review again the COVID-19 safety protocols and professional practices across Europe as we move into a potential final recovery phase. New elements to include in this second SafeACTiVE study are the impact of new variants of SARS-COV-group or vaccination levels per age groups and country”.

The second SafeACTiVE Study has been made possible thanks to the generous support of EuropeActive’s President’s Council for Suppliers, Digital & Tech (PCSDT).

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