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Shapemaster Global prepares for business growth as Ex Serco Leisure Director joins board

The former Strategy and Innovation Director for Serco Leisure, Jon Hymus, has joined UK power assisted exercise equipment supplier Shapemaster Global as their new Commercial Director.

Shapemaster will be supporting the post pandemic recovery of new and existing clients in the health, leisure & exercise sector with its innovative Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) solution, with Jon leading the expansion into the marketplace.

Aimed at older users, hard to reach communities and those seeking therapeutic rehabilitation (such as recovery from long COVID), the Shapemaster power assisted exercise circuits in leisure centres and gyms around the UK and Europe are excellent examples of LIIT programmes. A circuit of 10 or 12 exercise stations provides 30 to 40 minutes of low intensity exercise through variable effort programmes, with each machine providing 2.5 minutes of muscle strengthening or cardio exercise depending on the desired exercise outcomes.

Previously holding roles at GLL, Bannatyne’s & Leisure Connection Jon successfully introduced the Shapemaster LIIT concept into Serco Leisure and is an advocate for the LIIT concept, which was a major factor in his decision to join Shapemaster.

“Coming out of the pandemic the leisure & fitness sector will need to evolve to survive. There is a clear need to develop alternative health-based solutions that can expand our services beyond the 15% of the population who regularly use gyms. I’m really excited about joining the Shapemaster team as I believe that the range of products offered by Shapemaster provide a genuine solution and opportunity to the sector.

“Private gym operators have shown that innovating with budget and boutique models has expanded the sector reach. In my opinion LIIT offers a similar opportunity to bring health and exercise to a wider range of consumers who would never use a traditional gym or Leisure Centre”.

Commenting on the appointment, Howard Blackburn, Managing Director of Shapemaster said;

“We are very pleased to welcome Jon into the Shapemaster family. His appointment significantly strengthens our team and we are excited by the opportunities that his skills and experience bring to our business. Shapemaster Global will be launching a range of exciting innovative developments and new products across 2022 &2023 and Jon’s appointment demonstrates our commitment to our future and the success of our customers”.