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Shuffle to Aerial Loops: Gymbox launches new line-up of classes throughout spring

12 April 2023 – Today, London’s boldest gym chain, Gymbox has announced its brand-new timetable of creative classes coming to clubs this spring: Shuffle and Aerial Loops.

Never too shy to jump on a trend, Gymbox brings TikTok’s most popular choreo to its pro studios in London’s most social dance class yet, Shuffle. Focusing on high energy steps and intricate footwork, the class challenges members to master the moves seen on socials to a soundtrack of house dance, old school hip hop and breaking rock. Devised in collaboration with pro DJ and choreographer Dani Harris Walters, dancers are encouraged to test their coordination and rapid feet by working the room – much like the 80s and 90s raves that inspired the class.

Boxer, skipper, HIIT addict or dancer, Shuffle is all about the vibe – taking the stress out of complicated routines and bringing people together beyond TikTok. Whether you’re in it for the training, tunes or connection, this fast-paced footwork workout is one trend worth following.

Next up, named after the new piece of kit it brings to the gym’s London studios, Aerial Loops offers a unique conditioning session for wannabe acrobats, adventurous gym rats and fly-curious newbies alike. Working with two long cotton-covered straps hanging from a single point, the titular loops allow members to combine flows, spins and aerial skills with an impressively savage upper body and core workout. Making wrist locks to hang from, pull up or wrap around, the versatility and performance of the class is one of the more entertaining ways to build strength using bodyweight.

With only two other Aerial Loops classes available in London, it’s a magic opportunity for Gymbox’s aerial addicts to get stuck into a different kind of workout. Least of all because the class was co-designed by Josh Talbot – the movement captain behind the capital’s smash-hit show, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

“In true Gymbox fashion, the change of seasons means a new timetable of classes and we’re back with some of our most awesome workouts yet. Whether it’s ‘Shuffle’ our new high-energy choreo or ‘Aerial Loops’ to elevate your strength game, we’ve got something to entice you into our clubs and keep you moving.” says Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Studio Director for Gymbox.

Memberships start from just £84 for 12 months or £105 per month to pay-as-you-go and gives you access to any of Gymbox’s eleven sites across London and unlimited classes on the Out the Box digital platform.

And if a full gym membership isn’t your thing, you can still find a whole host of weird and wonderful classes you can do from home using Gymbox’s ‘out the box’ platform from only £10 a month.

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Go from training to trending in a few quick steps…

Bringing the high-energy choreo from viral dances to the hyper-social vibe of our studio, Shuffle is the class to fine-tune footwork and challenge co-ordination with supreme TikTok-ready routines.

Available to book now only in Covent Garden, Ealing, Elephant & Castle, Farringdon, Holborn, Old Street, Stratford and Victoria.

Aerial Loops

Elevate your strength game…

Combining flows, spins and aerial skills with savage conditioning movements for your upper body and core, it’s the circus-fit kit that’s definitely not for clowns.

Available to book now only in Ealing, Old Street and Victoria.